Church Merging Drag Show With Easter Service for ‘Sacred Act of Protest’

A Canadian church is demonstrating how much they hate Jesus and his word, incorporating a drag show as part of their Easter Sunday service to show “solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community” and serve as a “sacred act of protest.”

Calgary Unitarian ‘Church,’ led by the excretable Samaya Oakley, is putting on the ‘Drag Me to Church’ event to honor and celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility, which overlaps with Easter Sunday.

Alberta recently passed a law that prohibits child castration before the age of 18, and this den of wolves and goatlings is enraged by it, using a service typically reserved for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus into a celebration of sexual perversity and confusion. They explain on their Facebook page:

Come join us for an Easter Sunday you’ll never forget! This will be a a thought-provoking service and sacred act of protest as we support our Trans Siblings during this current political climate.

We’ll exploring the concept of TRANSformation in today’s society with DRAG Queen performances and story time, singing, dancing, and thought provoking speakers. We’re also going to pass the collection plate and 100% of the proceeds will go to Skipping Stone – a non-profit that supports Trans folx and are mobilizing to bring legal action to protect our communities.

All are welcome and this inclusive and affirming space.

Don’t forget to wear your Easter finery and dancin’ shoes!

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3 thoughts on “Church Merging Drag Show With Easter Service for ‘Sacred Act of Protest’

  1. Those who mock God will pay an unimaginably horrible price for eternity. Especially those doing it in the name of “church” and being a “pastor.”

  2. The only thing lacking is performing a black mass and sacrificing a virgin. Aleister Crowley would have no doubt approved of this ‘church…’

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