Good News! The United Methodist Church’s Budget Will Be TINY After Mass Exodus From Denomination

The Revs. Martha E. Vink (left) and Alka Lyall lead a Holy Communion service during an Advent gathering in December 2019 at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch, Colo. The two are among the collaborators organizing the Liberation Methodist Connexion, a new denomination that held an online launch event on Nov. 29. Photo courtesy of LMX.

In a bit of good news, the apostate United Methodist Church (UMC) has proposed its smallest budget in 40 years, the result of a mass exodus of churches from the demonic denomination following their decision to become LGBTQ-affirming.

The United Methodist Church in the United States has lost one-fourth of its churches in the last four years over their acceptance of same-sex marriage, in what has become the most significant denominational divide in the country in the last 150 years. According to United Methodist News, 7660 congregations have disaffiliated from the demented denomination, including 5642 this year alone.

The losses result in smaller budgets, resulting in leadership “rethinking ministry expenses at all levels of the denomination” as they wrestle with “the biggest budget drop in the denomination’s history.” In 2016, the General Conference approved a budget of $604M. For 2025-2028, they’re looking at $346M, a reduction of nearly 43%, and their smallest budget since 1984.

The smaller budget means that congregations and special projects will have less funding, a death knell for smaller denominations who will begin to feel the pain of more prominent (and wealthier) churches leaving.


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6 thoughts on “Good News! The United Methodist Church’s Budget Will Be TINY After Mass Exodus From Denomination

  1. Tragic dismantling of a once strong force for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My family has chosen to leave the UMC and are now part of a Global Methodist Church. My son is a pastor of one of the break away churches and that congregation is growing very fast with past members of the UMC. My prayers go out to those who are deeply troubled by the non-biblical stance of the current leadership of the UMC.

    A comment made by one who left the UMC.
    “Jesus ate and communicated with sinners, he did not avoid them, but he DID NOT indulge in their sinful ways. His goal was to save them, not join them.”

    1. My first church after accepting Christ was a UMC in Antioch TN. I was a member for 35 years and a very active member. I left 6 years ago after the bishops showed their true colors for pro homesexual, lesbians and same sex marriage. Icabod the UMC.

  2. my grandfather, a Methodist Pastor from 1920 to the 60s, saw the liberal trend starting way, way back. Too bad it has continued til today. Following culture instead of scripture…..

  3. Wesley’s quadrilateral theology, which includes reason, experience, and tradition, is cracked at its very foundation. He was the first to ordain women pastors.

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