YWAM In Mourning After 11 Missionaries Killed in Bus Crash, 2 More In Critical Condition

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) founder Darlene Cunningham has shared that 11 of their missionaries were killed in a tragic bus accident in Tanzania last week, which also saw five others moderately injured and a man and a woman hospitalized in critical condition.

Participants in the “Executive Masters in Leadership” course, based at YWAM Arusha, Tanzania, took a field trip in two buses to Maasai land, where they observed our thriving community development program. They had a very good day together. On the return trip to Arusha, a truck that had lost its brakes smashed into our 2nd bus, literally crushing it from top to bottom. Eleven of our beloved friends were killed and eight others are severely wounded, battling for their lives. We have not seen a tragedy of this magnitude in all of YWAM’s history and we are all devastated.

While their full names and nationalities are being kept confidential, Cunningham confirmed that the men and women killed were “key YWAM leaders in the region – some leading flourishing YWAM bases; others giving leadership in the field of education and other spheres; others ministering in restricted-access locations where no one else would dare to go.”

With their motto “know God and make Him known,” YWAM is an interdenominational and non-profit organization comprising of 20,000 workers in hundreds of independent ministries operating from some 1,000 bases in over 180 countries, pioneering short-term missions with a heavy charismatic emphasis.

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