Good News! Jared Moore Announces Bid To Become New SBC President

In news we’re happy to hear, Jared Moore, the pastor of Homesteads Baptist Church in Crossville, TN, and author of the excellent The Lust of the Flesh, has thrown his hat in the ring and announced he’s running for Southern Baptist Convention president, revealing his plans and visions in a Credo spaces.

This is a very good thing. Moore has a track record of theological faithfulness and soundness, as well as being one of the leading voices against Side B Theology, battling back against the progressive push inside the church.

He’s also staunchly supportive of the Mike Law amendment. He claims that he’d do all he could to fire Ethics and Religious Commission (ERLC) President Brent Leatherwood, who he has suggested is more liberal than Russell Moore.

We’ve previously done an interview with Moore here:

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