Podcast: Unequal weights and measures when addressing false teaching, Freemasons, and the biblical ethics of ‘wife spanking’

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On this episode of Protestia Tonight, David talks with Seth Dunn of the Christian Commute about the tendency for public ministers to use unequal weights and measures when addressing disqualifying public teaching of similarly popular pastors. In the PT VIP, David and Seth answer sincere questions about secession versus separation and Freemasonry.

On The Bible Bashed, Tim and Harrison previusly conducted a poll asking whether a husband had the authority to discipline his wife by spanking her. They received numerous responses criticizing the question as morally dubious or considering it pointless with an obvious answer, with the feedback mostly comprising of emotional responses and pointless grandstanding.

What became evident was that hardly anyone provided a truly biblical answer to the question and the overwhelming majority of responses could be summarized as ‘It’s bad because it’s bad.’ They explain “The issue with this approach is that many individuals are genuinely seeking answers to such questions, and if we cannot offer biblical responses, we fail in our mission to make disciples as we should. Settling for the ‘It’s bad because it’s bad’ answer without considering what the Bible has to say implies, through our actions, a lack of belief in the sufficiency of the Bible. On this episode of the Bible Bashed Podcast, we will address this issue.”

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