Protestia Gets Throttled on X/ Twitter

We woke up this morning to a notification from X that our account has been flagged with a label, accusing us of either containing spam or engaging in platform manipulation and suggesting that we are engaging in “behavior that…disrupts people’s experiences.” We are still determining how we have come to have this label, or more specifically, who reported it if anyone.

As a result our account has been throttled, with our content seemigly restricted and excluded from search results.

While Twitter is by far the best social media site with the most freedom, it is far from perfect, and this missive against us is a swift kick in the head. 

While it remains to be seen how long it lasts and to what extent it impacts us- particularly because we’re growing and are gaining thousands of followers a month- if you want to continue seeing ALL of our content, we would encourage you to become a Patreon, which give you access to our website ad-free.

You can also join our Substack, which has all the articles ad-free for paying folk, and lastly, you can consider making any donation through Giving Fuel, which helps keep the light on and is deeply appreciated.

Lastly, and more importantly, keep us in your prayers.


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4 thoughts on “Protestia Gets Throttled on X/ Twitter

  1. Yesterday I was trying to use the search feature and I got a standard Google Chrome for Android pop up that said voluminous activity was tied to my IP address. I tried a number of times with different browsers for A ndroid, and it did seem like something wonky was going on. perhaps someone had hijacked the website. Not sure.

  2. Good job, X. A entirely appropriate measure to take against a website that does little more than traffic in low-quality, sensationalist clickbait garbage. Although I’m fairly certain that, like David Morrill’s music career, Protestia never had much exposure or influence to begin with. Praise God.

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