Joyce Meyer Says Christians Should Never Feel Guilt for Sinning

80-year-old Joyce Meyer is not slowing down in her mission to teach all the false doctrines, recently insisting to her millions of followers that they should never never guilty for sinning.

Meyers is long thought to be one of the ‘Big three’ heretics, along with Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn. Popular with women and effeminate men, the famed multi-millionaire televangelist’s ministry brings in over $100 million yearly and is known for her word-faith teachings. We tagged her recently after it was revealed she was paid by Hillsong $150,000 for one sermon, and has a long history of collecting sky-high honorariums.

She has a bizarre view of the atonement where Jesus paid for our sins in hell, believes that Jesus stopped being the Son of God for a time, that Jesus had to be born-again, that Jesus went to hell in our place and was tormented, that if you don’t believe Jesus went to hell you cannot be saved, and that the scripture teaches that we are little gods. This is all while claiming that she routinely receives revelation from God and the angels, one of which is likely this teaching

Speaking last December at Christ Fellowship Church, Meyers confuses guilt and condemnation, ascribing the role of the Holy Spirit to Satan by teaching:

Let me tell you something else that you never have to do again: after you sin you never have to feel guilty. Yep, you reacted about like the second service did. Can you find one place in the Bible where it tells you to feel guilty? Satan is the Accuser of the Brethren and even after you sin and you’ve repented and you’ve been forgiven, he’ll come back around and try to accuse you.

And it took me a long time, a long time to get over guilt. It was like this vague presence that was with me all the time. Not like right in my face, but this vague feeling something’s wrong with me. Does anybody in here have any idea what I’m feeling, what I’m talking about?

And when I would feel guilty I would say out loud “I feel guilty but I’m not guilty because the word of God says I’m forgiven and the sin and the guilt are removed.” And then I’d still feel guilty and I’d say “I feel guilty but I’m not guilty because the word of God says that my sins have been forgiven and all the guilt has been removed.”

I’m not guilty, I don’t care how you make me feel devil, I am not guilty, I am forgiven. And you know what? When I did it enough times I started to believe it. And see when you believe it- we have a lot of information but what we need is revelation. And I want what’s in your head today to fall down in your spirit. I want you to get it. If you’ve asked God to forgive your sins and you meant it. You are not guilty. I pronounce you not guilty.

h/t Shawn at Revealing Truth on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer Says Christians Should Never Feel Guilt for Sinning

  1. I hate to be picky because I believe the prosperity gospel is NOT the gospel at all, but she is saying that AFTER we repent and are forgiven, we shouldn’t live in guilt. I would agree that once forgiven, we are free to NEVER fall into that sin again, and are released from guilt.

  2. Sounds like she had been reading Martin Luther : “Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly, for he is victorious over sin, death, and the world.”

  3. Context matters. From what’s written here, I believe she is saying once we’ve repented, that there’s no need to feel guilty. If that’s what she recommends, I agree. Many believers still labor under a sense of false guilt after confessing sin to the Lord, receiving forgiveness and asking His help to overcome in the future.

  4. Pretty sure she just speeds by the ‘repentance’ part and just slathers on a thick layer of Hypergrace as her conscience slowly gets seared

    Pray for her

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