‘Experiencing God’ Author Henry Blackaby Has Passed Away

Prominent Christian author Henry Blackaby passed Saturday morning, according to his son, Dr. Richard. Blackaby.

Henry Blackaby, 88, was the best-selling author of ‘Experiencing God: Knowing And Doing The Will Of God’ the classic continuationist tome released over three decades ago that has sold over seven million copies.

The book sought to help people uncover God’s will for their lives and all the way he speaks and guides believers, yet ended up being one of the worst and most damaging books on Christian living ever produced, giving a whole generation of believers a misguided and unbiblical understanding of God’s character and the normative Christian experience. (Check out here for a spicy review of their presuppositions.)

Despite this, many have praised him for impact on Christendom, as if his works didn’t produce havoc and theological calamity and confusion across the globe.

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