‘Jesus Didn’t Teach Hate’- ‘He Gets Us’ Releases Blasphemous & Unbiblical Superbowl Commercial

Last year, an anonymous group of wealthy donors launched a 100 million dollar campaign for Jesus- the largest of its kind- with the “He Gets Us” tagline being plastered across TV and social media, aimed to attract cultural Christians and pagans to consider the man Jesus, and the way he relates to humankind. 

While that campaign promotion is monstrously huge in and of itself, unheard of for the Christian space, that investment increased tenfold when Jason Vanderground, President of the marketing firm managing the campaign, said that far from stopping at $100 million dollars, the number is expected to reach over $1 billion by 2025.

The funding is largely being provided by the billionaire David Green, the Christian owner of Hobby Lobby, and is being overseen by his son Mart Green, who is the company’s “Ministry Investment Officer.” 

Green appeared on the Lifestyle investor podcast last year and bemoaned the reputation Christians have received, explaining:

“What we’re known as, as Christians, we’re known as haters. We’re beginning to be known as haters We hate this group, we hate that group., but we’re not. We are people that have the very, very best love story ever written, and we need to tell that love story. So, our idea is, let’s tell the story. As a Christian, you should love everybody. Jesus loved everybody.”

This likely explains why the two Super Bowl commercials this year, valued at 20M dollars, feature a police officer washing a black man’s feet, a woman washing a pregnant woman’s feet outside of an abortion clinic, and a priest or pastor washing a gay man’s feet at the beach, with the caption reading “Jesus Didn’t Teach Hate. Jesus Washed Feet.”

The Christian response on X has been largely negative, with some commenters writing:

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8 thoughts on “‘Jesus Didn’t Teach Hate’- ‘He Gets Us’ Releases Blasphemous & Unbiblical Superbowl Commercial

  1. No doubt this is another woke group that defies who Jesus is. Run an ad on the Gospel of Christ instead of blasphemy

  2. These “He gets us” commercials really drive home the challenges associated with “consistent literal interpretation” of the Bible. This is especially true with the sermon on the mount and (to a lesser extent) Jesus’ example of foot washing in the upper room.

    It’s amazing to me how many people profess to have a “literal-historical-grammatical” hermeneutic when in reality they have a “everything we like is literal and everything we dislike is spiritual” hermeneutic.

    1. That is one of, if not the most inaccurate comment I’ve ever read. As if that is not bad enough, the juxtaposition here could easily be something like: We just make up whatever we want. If it doesn’t fit what we want, then we call it an allegory, and construct our own God and teachings… and from what, exactly? Who knows? Just what we feel? What the majority of people want? We don’t really have an objective way of determining this, isn’t that cool?


    2. if you take a literal foot-washing command out of it, it would only be in regard to believers. So the commercial is still way out of bounds.

  3. If you going to try to portray Jesus then the one thing you want to absolutely make sure you do not do is come up with “another Jesus.” Yet they did so numerous times.

    What is more, Jesus is God, and God did actually teach us to hate, but only in certain ways, and out of love for God and others. (e.g. Prov 8:13; Ps 119:128)

  4. David Green has gone woke. We need to pray for wisdom and repentance for him.

    Instead of fighting against the defamation of Christians, he puts out ads that imply that Christians should resolve the conflict by bowing to the world and its idols.

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