Religious ‘Nones’ Have Become The Largest Single Group in the U.S.

To no one’s great surprise, a new study from Pew Research shows that the religiously unaffiliated – agnostics, atheists, or “nothing in particular”- now make up the largest demographic of people in the United States.

The cohort, which clocks in at 28%, beats out Catholics (23%) and evangelical Protestants (24%).

Of course, the proper, actual number is much higher, as the majority of self-identifying Roman Catholics and Protestants are functionally pagans who are wholly missing a biblical wordview.

Pew also found that “Nones” tend to vote less often, do less volunteer work in their communities, and follow public affairs at lower rates than religiously affiliated people do.” At the same time, they note the latest data shows that “on a variety of measures, lower rates of civic engagement are concentrated among “nones” whose religion is “nothing in particular.” Atheists and agnostics tend to participate in civic life at rates matching or exceeding religiously affiliated people.”

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7 thoughts on “Religious ‘Nones’ Have Become The Largest Single Group in the U.S.

  1. Not surprising and what comes next won’t be surprising to anyone who knows Scripture and world history.

    1. It’s unfortunate that so many people confuse Christianity with church. Christianity is about a man, and your personal relationship with Him.
      Organized religion has gone off the deep end and no longer plays a role in salvation. Speaking with Him every day, studying what He said, searching for Him in your life and accepting His gift of salvation is what it is about. Not an hour on a Sunday, not some priest telling you what to think, not lectures on how to accept the gay lifestyle.

  2. How can Christians be encouraged to go back to church, when we see, the weak, feckkess, cuckolds, placed at the front of the church, to guide and support the congregation?
    I have watched my wife’s chosen church board, hire weakling, after weakling for 30+ years. At one time the church board and the pastor were even hiding a convicted peodophile and street rat in the congregation. He would shelter in the santuary, the Youth Meeting House and even had access to online computers in the church. Eventually the law came and took the computer(s).
    When it finally came out in the open, what the church board and the pastor were doing, they defended keeping the peodophile among the children, in the name of redemtion..
    My redemption come from God. I will never go to a churh like this.

  3. When the controlling media consistently ridicule and mock Christians and Jesus in particular, what other outcome could you hope for? There are a lot of good Christians out there, however, many of them eschew church because church has become the great clearing house for personal fulfillment, ie: they prefer to have their ears tickled with fanciful fluff than straight up truth. Pity them.

  4. I have heard it said that there are only types of faith: 1) Human Achievement and 2) Divine Accomplishment. The first describes religions of the world and also those who are working themselves to God. Even atheists have some sort of code that in which they abide and which they think others should also. The second is biblical Evangelical Christianity. The church is imperfect because it is managed by men who are still sinful, but it is what the Lord has provided for us. It is like Noah’s Ark, the church keeps us safe from the raging storm outside, but on the inside there is a bunch of manure you have to deal with.

  5. It started before being declared ‘unessential’, the nail in the coffin. Christians have heart and Satan has used that to corrupt the church with social gospel. The growth of the dechurched is real, many Jesus, but tired of the non-essential stuff in the churched. Here is a good book to cover the basics of Christianity targeted at the dechurched. “Hike to Eternity” A field manual for the dechurched.

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