Revealed: Citation for Liam Goligher Shows SEXUAL ACTIVITY as Cause for Arrest

New evidence of sexual impropriety has emerged following the resignation of Senior Minister Liam Goligher for Tenth Presbyterian Church, the 1600-member PCA Church in Philadelphia, PA.

Last month, news broke that on July 18, 2014, Goligher was arrested in Lancaster County for violating Lancaster City Code section 98-19.B for issues of “personal conduct.” Charges were filed on July 25, 2014, and he entered a guilty plea a few days later on July 31, ultimately paying a 231$ fine.

He was not alone, however, as his deaconess Susan Elzey was also arrested alongside him, pleading guilty and receiving the fine. The Lancaster Parks and Recreation Department later confirmed that “issues of personal conduct is language frequently used to identify sexual behavior or public indecency.”

Despite swiftly resigning following the revelations, Goligher, the married father of five, sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Anglican Watch, the watchdog group that broke the story. The former pastor accused the group of making “salacious (sic) slanderous and speculative statements” about him, particularly over allegations he engaged in sexual activity with his deaconesses. Goligher demanded that the group remove and retract the statements lest they face further legal consequences. 

In response, Anglican Watch posted the purported citation, showing an express reference to ‘sexual activity,’ reading “the defendant was in the back (?) area with a female partner engaging in sexual activity” and naming the offense “no person shall engage in any form of sexual activity.”

Elzey also receives the same treatment.

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15 thoughts on “Revealed: Citation for Liam Goligher Shows SEXUAL ACTIVITY as Cause for Arrest

  1. Disgraceful, and now this unrepentant horndog doubles down? Add “not very smart” to his list of shortcomings (pun intended).

  2. “The defendant was in the back *seat* area with a female partner engaging in sexual activity. This area is heavily used for recreation during the day.”

    You can also see the seven digit plate number of the car preceded by “PA” so they were probably preoccupied with steaming up the car windows.

    One of the things that makes this kind of sad is the fact that this is James Montgomery Boice’s old church.
    This guy must have been inspired by Tullian Tchividjian of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (D. James Kennedy’s old church) by not taking the qualifications for elder seriously.

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