Pastor Defends Harvard Prez. Claudine Gay in Sermon, Warns White People are ‘Coming’ For Her

At a recent Church service, Senor Pastor Dr. Errol K Domingue of Elm Grove Baptist Church defended Harvard President Claudine Gay, telling congregants, “Leave that drug alone, leave that hallucinate alone that have you hooked on the myth of white supremacy” and that “they’re coming” for her despite her having the receipts.

President Gay, who has long been considered a diversity hire, has been exposed to scrutiny after defending calls for genocide against Israel on campus and widespread allegations of plagiarism. Recently, A subcommittee of the Harvard Corporation found that she engaged in “duplicative language without proper attribution,” which is the textbook definition of plagiarism and reminds us of when Liberty University said Ergun Caner never lied but rather made “factual Statements that are self-contradictory,” about his made-up life story.

So leave that drug alone,  leave that hallucinant alone that has you hooked on the myth of white supremacy.  Stop giving your all to he,  she,  or it that does not love you.  Stop running from your true identity and selling out your people and allowing yourself to be maneuvered and manipulated for someone that may not even remember your name next week.  Stop believing the opinions of people that don’t have the moral authority,  the historical context,  or the life experience to judge you based on how you connect to God, based on how you praise and worship God.  

So how do you handle that? ...First thing I would tell you is keep your receipts.  Keep your receipts. Didn’t your mom and them tell you that?  Keep your receipts.  Because see, sooner than later, they’re going to come for you when you didn’t send for them.  So keep your receipts. Keep your receipts like Dr. Reverend Claudine Gay.

…You know they’re coming for (her)  because they say she’s not qualified to be the president of Harvard University.  So keep your receipts like the sister did.  The sister said,  I’m a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy.  I have a bachelor’s of arts degree in economics from Stanford University.  I earned a PhD from Harvard University.  I was a professor at Stanford, but then I was a professor at Harvard. And now I’m the president of Harvard University, while the people who are accusing the good sister of being a DEI hire probably can’t even spell diversity,  equity,  and inclusion.  

Somebody shall keep your receipts,  because sooner than later,  they’re going to try to tell you that you don’t deserve what God has given to you.  They will try to push you down and make you think that you are not all that God has made you to be. So that’s when you whip out your receipts and say,  ‘I may not have done it for myself, but the God who is on my side lifted me while I’m down.’

 Take out your receipts.  When they meant to fail me,  God gave me what I need to pass it.  Keep your receipts,  baby.  I’m trying to say that I may not have the resume to match your resume,  but I got favor on my side.  And favor trumps a resume every single time.  Somebody say keep your receipts.

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3 thoughts on “Pastor Defends Harvard Prez. Claudine Gay in Sermon, Warns White People are ‘Coming’ For Her

  1. Why does there need to be any mention of this debacle from a pulpit ? But more to the point, those that (correctly) accuse her of plagiarism have their OWN receipts. She has a demonstrated pattern of using the work of others without appropriate attribution; textbook plagerism. If ANY student would have done this, they would have been expelled with no discussion. Why is she so special and, by extension, afforded special treatment ?

    This single incident just highlights the utter collapse of higher education in America. Seven out of eight Ivy League schools were founded as seminaries. We have come a long way indeed …

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