Breaking! IHOPKC Announces ‘Immediate, Formal, and Permanent’ Separation from Mike Bickle’ Following New Revelations

IHOPKC Spokesperson Eric Volz announced late this evening that Stuart Greaves, the executive director of the International House of Prayer, has resigned from his role and stepped down from the board of directors.

More stunningly, he announced that IHOPKC is ‘immediately formally and permanently’ separating from Mike Bickle after confirming more “inappropriate behavior.”

Volz shared in part:

We have some sobering announcements to share with you.  As of this morning,  Stuart Greaves,  Executive Director of IHOPKC,  has resigned.  He has also stepped down from the board of directors.  Words cannot describe the impact this man has had in the IHOPKC community over the last 23 years.  Thousands of people’s lives have been impacted by his teaching, leadership,  and love for Jesus.  

His time at IHOPKC included two decades serving as the head of the prayer room’s night watch from midnight to 6 a.m. and for the past three years he served as the executive director.  The executive committee led by General Kurt Fuller,  who took over the management of this crisis on Sunday,  December 10th, will be temporarily assuming the executive directorship responsibilities.

Since taking over management of the crisis,  the executive committee has received new information to now confirm a level of inappropriate behavior on the part of Mike Bickle that requires IHOPKC to immediately,  formally,  and permanently separate from him.  People will surely wonder about details,  but IHOPKC does not have permission from those individuals to share details while they are being vetted further by an independent investigator.

The privacy of any person impacted by misconduct is tantamount.  And this only amplifies IHOPKC’s conviction that a complete investigation should be conducted into the allegations of clergy abuse by Mike Bickle. General Fuller will ensure that this gets done.  Our current focus remains a thorough and complete investigation of the reported allegations and we pledge to then implement any and all changes necessary to church policies, procedures,  and culture to ensure that IHOPKC does not travel down this difficult road again.  

We have met and plan to continue to meet with the advocate group in an effort to establish trust and common ground.  We ask the community to pray for this process.  For some,  these words will surely come as a shock and might cause deep pain,  confusion,  grief,  or even sadness.  Obviously,  this is more than a routine church announcement.

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5 thoughts on “Breaking! IHOPKC Announces ‘Immediate, Formal, and Permanent’ Separation from Mike Bickle’ Following New Revelations

  1. While I have never believed Bickle was a prophet or even a credible man of God, I cannot rejoice in these most recent developments. Besides his active misleading of those entrusted into his care, he has brought significant shame to the name of our God. I pray that those impacted by this will find swift and complete healing. And, while it shouldn’t even have to be said, Bickle is disqualified from any future Ministerial duties. We pray for his restoration to the body of Christ but he should never be behind a pulpit again.

    On a totally separate note, Eric Volz has aged 10 years in a single month attempting to manage this crisis.

  2. Thank you for this update.

    The personality cult phenomenon is VERY REAL in the Church worldwide. I have experienced it firsthand for years. It causes leaders around that pastor (or whatever his title is) to BLINDLY follow him, even when he does things or says things that are OBVIOUSLY unbiblical, or when things start to surface about a double life being lived.

    This BLIND LOYALTY is mistaken for LOVE, UNITY, and BIBLICAL SUBMISSION. Then, when accusations/corrections eventually come, it’s regarded as an attack of the devil, a smear campaign, or having a critical spirit. Then (at least initially), the (legitimate) accusations are swept under the rug… I’ve seen this over and over (COVER-UP).

    In this case, it was exactly the same… The BLIND LOYALTY has caused more permanent damage on every level than the moral failure of Mike Bickle.

    If the leadership would have handled it correctly from the start (as they have been warned to do), the damage to the congregation and the shame on the name of Christ would have been very contained, and a great testimony of how the church honors Christ above a popular personality preacher would have been established.

    But, the leadership only knew misguided loyalty… Even other prominent ministry leaders loyal to Mike Bickle immediately publicly rushed to Mike’s defense when the accusations came out. It testifies to the reality that something is VERY off…!

    This is a VERY element of this situation is very sad to me. This must change. As Christian leaders and members, we must ask ourselves: What is it that so commonly and regularly breeds this BLIND LOYALTY…?!

    The answer might be found along the lines of a serious lack of knowing and following what the Bible says on Church leadership, the authority of the Word of God (not prophecies and spiritual gifts, etc.), and healthy (biblical) accountability (not just in name, but REAL). Personally, I believe that this “culture” of just “prophesying good, nice, and encouraging” things creates the perfect environment for an unwillingness to confront. We train our members to “just see the good” in others (and to ignore the obvious…). Thus, we don’t know what to do when the ugly stuff surfaces in a leader’s life…

  3. It saddens me to hear of yet another prominent church figure being removed for worldly sin. Yet another reminder of the strength of the enemy and our weakness as men.

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