Street Preacher Grinch Tells School Children the Unthinkable

Children in the public school systems of the United States have been given the responsibility of understanding topics that 30 years ago would have been unspeakable in a public setting. Children as young as preschool age now receive queer theory indoctrination. Elementary students are taught to use LGBTQ pronouns and tolerate exposure to opposite-sex classmates in bathrooms. Explicit sex education curriculum teach children about masturbation, anal sex, and every other manner of sexual perversion, under the guidance of Marxist educators who themselves are given over to debauchery. 

School libraries are flooded with sexually explicit LGBTQ-affirming literature. The literature is so vile that when whistleblowers read the material aloud in school board meetings, they are often ejected for violating standards of decency. Educators use critical race theory to divide children based on their race, issuing labels of oppressor and oppressed in a hierarchical system that values individuals based on their skin color over the content of their character.

Old Earth evolutionary biology is the standard for public school science classrooms. Students are taught that the Bible does not speak to the age of the earth and should only be regarded as a book relevant to the study of philosophy or religion, topics that are intentionally isolated from the sciences in contrast with the scholastic systems of old. Education policymakers claim that this position is for the good of the students and in the interest of educational objectivity and religious pluralism. 

Leftist educators claim that they are objective in their judgments. They will tell parents with a straight face that they only teach objective facts. Sleight-of-hand slogans such as “Trust the science” and “We’re all in this together” convince pupils and parents that educators are above par and only interested in the collective advancement of society. 

Tens of millions of Christian parents foolishly entrust their children to Caesar, sentencing their children to more than a decade of this daily indoctrination, with the faulty expectation that their children will somehow resist lies and come out unscathed on the other end of their education. Many fall prey to the lies of indoctrination and those who make it through do so only by the grace of God.

One would think that children who are entrusted to choose their own gender and be emotionally mature enough to hear graphic details about sodomy and every other manner of perversion would also be emotionally mature enough also to hear that their idol, Santa Claus, isn’t real. 

Street preacher David Grisham recently took this very message to public sidewalks in front of elementary schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Amarillo, Texas. Dressed as Dr. Seuss’s Grinch and flanked by another street preacher dressed as a fake Santa Claus, Grisham preached to parents and children about the true meaning of Christmas, admonishing them to abandon the lie that Santa Claus is a real-life magical figure and embrace the truth that the birth of Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas.

Grisham’s message to the children of the desert southwest was met with vitriol by parents who accused Grisham of “destroying the magic of Christmas.” Apparently, the fact that God took on flesh and dwelt among his creation, living a perfect life, dying a substitutionary death, and rising from the dead after three days isn’t magical enough for parents who have chosen to secularly sanitize the holiday.

This isn’t Grisham’s first time to “destroy the magic of Christmas.” In 2016, Grisham preached the same message to children, sans Grinch costume, at 2 Texas malls before he was escorted away from Santa’s throne by security and angry parents. In 2017, Grisham took the same message to North Pole, Alaska, a destination tourist town for pilgrims seeking to convince their children of Santa’s existence, traveling all the way to Santa’s throne of lies in the great tundra of northern Alaska. 

These actions were enough to earn Grisham a spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch Board, a position of great honor for any Gospel preacher.

The fictitious character that is now popularly known as Santa Claus was originally loosely based on Saint Nicholas, an early overseer in the church who was known in church tradition for rescuing girls from being forced into a life of prostitution and slapping arch-heretic Arius at the Council of Nicaea. 

Unfortunately, these biographical details didn’t filter down into the current secular version of Santa Claus, which serves to detract from the message of the Gospel rather than promote the good news. For most children who celebrate Christmas in the United States, Santa Claus has become the central figure of Christmas, rather than Jesus Christ. 

Children in public schools have been served a steady diet of lies in the form of Marxist anti-Christ propaganda. During the Christmas season, there is no greater act of love toward children than telling them the truth about the true meaning of Christmas. Santa is an idol to be exposed and dethroned from children’s hearts. Jesus is the reason for the season. 

 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14

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