Woke Pastrix Says Jesus Was ‘Xenophobic,’ ‘Hurting,’ and ‘Not His Best Self’ When He Called Woman at the Well ‘Dog’

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft is the woke impastor of Middle Church, in Manhattan, New York City. During a recent sermon progressive screed, she made a host of claims about Jesus, saying he was a xenophobic racist who was tired and stressed out when he dealt with the woman at the well, treating her poorly because he was “hurting” and “not his best self.” She insists that Jesus was acting the way he was acting, being rude and dismissive, because “Hurt people hurt people.”

Jesus, she claims, still had a lot of growing up to do, and the woman at the well “pulled a fast one on him” and forced him to change his mission and start ministering to Gentiles, therefore changing the world.

Bonus. We wrote about this church in our post Jemar Tisby Platforms and Praises Universalist Anti-Christ Pastrix (Seriously, It’s bad)

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6 thoughts on “Woke Pastrix Says Jesus Was ‘Xenophobic,’ ‘Hurting,’ and ‘Not His Best Self’ When He Called Woman at the Well ‘Dog’

  1. People (i.e. feminists) seem to ignore the important detail that the woman’s young daughter was demon possessed. Coupled with Jesus’ calling the woman a “dog”, a moniker associated with prostitution and sexual promiscuity, it sheds a whole new light on the situation.

  2. Clay insulting the potter – a vivid example of someone better suited to serving hamburgers than teaching anyone about anything.

  3. This is not an outlier from Woke-ism. This is the heart of all-things Woke.

    Woke-ism is a path of obtaining a progressively inverted reality (Is 5:20) — especially when it comes to biblical Christianity — where hate is love, love is hate, good is evil, and evil is good, etc.

    Biblical Christianity teaches that believers are to conform to God and His written Word of truth.

    Woke-ism forces everyone, and everything in the Bible, to absolutely conform to the spirit of this age.

  4. This woman is ignorant of scripture. Jesus did not call the woman at the well a dog. It was the Canaanite woman from Tyre and Sidon, and Jesus was testing her faith. She passed with flying colors. And the woman at the well was a divine appointment. Jesus went out of His way to meet her and He went into forbidden territory to talk to her. She was a sinful, outcast Samaritan woman — too ashamed to draw water in the cooler hours with other women. She waited until the hottest part of the day, possibly to avoid running into anyone at Jacob’s well. That speaks of her shame and rejection. Thankfully, Jesus came to save sinners, and God honors a broken and contrite heart who is seeking Him.

    Jesus was returning to Galilee from Judea to avoid a premature confrontation with the Pharisees. Instead of taking the usual route the Jews took, the Bible tells us in John 4 that Jesus needed to go to Samaria, which meant ceremonial defilement. I doubt His choice of traveling through Samaria was just to avoid any possibility of running into the Pharisees. I believe Jesus had an appointment with an outcast woman among an outcast people.

    That despised woman, who had lived with multiple men who were not her husbands, was the first person Jesus clearly identified Himself as the Messiah to. Even more shocking, Jesus was talking with a woman in public! That was strictly forbidden. He was talking with a Samaritan woman! He was talking with a woman who would have been viewed as a “whore.” Defilement upon defilement upon defilement. He was teaching her! Unheard of!

    This woman has no clue what she’s talking about. This was Jesus being the best friend women ever had, and she completely missed it!! She is completely clueless, and that’s putting it mildly.

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