‘You’re a Bible Denier!’ Greg Locke Roundly Criticized After Throwing Out Debate Opponent

A debate between two pastors on whether the earth is flat or round ended abruptly after Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church threw his opponent out of the room, accusing pastor Dean Odle of denying the bible in what quickly became an ugly and messy event.

Readers of Protestia will recognize Locke as the controversial Tennessee pastor who is elbows deep in exorcisms and deliverance ministry after several witches supposedly harassed his church. We last wrote about him after he touted his ‘Humbleness’ and ‘Obedience’ by Partnering with Benny Hinn, repented of writing a Book Against Benny Hinn, and Now Considers Him a ‘Friend,’  and after we uncovered he wrote a Manual About Deliverance, which includes Casting Demons Out of ‘Sex Organs.’.

The debate was antagonistic all night, with Locke spending much of his time preaching and playing to the crowd- at one insisting that his perspective was better because more people were clapping. Locke, who took the position that the earth is round, seemingly did not understand that the point of a debate was to offer up different interpretations of the bible. Throughout, Locke seemed offended and antagonistic that Odle would disagree with him, calling Odle’s interpretations “nonsense” and insisting that he himself did not merely give his interpretation but “the bible’s interpretation.”

After Odle disagreed with Locke’s interpretation of Job 38, preferring his own, Locke told his staff to turn off his mic and for his debate partner to “get out” because he was a “bible denier.”

Longer video:

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