Wacky Pastrix Says God Teleported Her to the Garden of Eden Where She Spoke with Eve

Anne Latour is a charismatic ministry leader perhaps best known for traveling the country with Sean Feucht & the Let Us Worship Team and operating as their ‘Spiritual Lawyer.’ Her schtick is doing “intercession in the Courts of Heaven,” something she also teaches and offers courses on with her ministry, Advocates of Heaven. More specifically, she teaches that:

We all have experienced soul fragmentation at some point in our life – trauma creates a split in our soul – these are called protectors. Those soul parts become our protectors, but they can end up sabotaging our very own destiny. Inner Healing is a deliverance from our own soul fragments, clearing up our mind, therefore allowing us to fully walk in our purpose & destiny.

Deliverance in the court of heaven removes the legal rights, stopping the patterns & cycles – removing the strongholds & programming. Once a verdict is rendered by Almighty God, angels remove the demonic entities that are causing oppression (James 4:7). Court of Heaven deliverance allows us to know the legal rights being used against us as well as the realms we have been held captive in.

Sounds awful.

She recently appeared on the Deep Believer channel, where she recounts how God transported her to the Garden of Eden where she chatted with Eve. Latour insists that we can create realms today and that the Garden of Even can be accessed by reading the book of Genesis and manifesting a portal to it in faith. 

It’s a trip, but it’s no less believable than the rest of the heavenly tourism garbage that many are so enamored by.

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2 thoughts on “Wacky Pastrix Says God Teleported Her to the Garden of Eden Where She Spoke with Eve

  1. Just another narcissistic opportunist fleecing naive and undiscerning believers. These religious hucksters are proliferating like cockroaches in the final days.

  2. So has heaven become too crowded with tourists that these hucksters have to branch out to previously undescribed locales to feign visitations ?

    What’s next ? Hell ?

    Oh, they’ve already been there. Maybe live look-ins with Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar ? The Roman Centurion ?

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