Christian Student Awarded $150K After Public School Tries to Trick Her Into Literal Idol Worship

A former high school student in Chicago was awarded $150k in damages from her public school after alleging that they tried to force her to worship a literal idol worship.

Mariyah Green is a dedicated Christian who felt coerced into participating in the Quiet Time meditation program that was implemented at Bogan High School in Ashburn. Summarized by Chicago Sun times:

In the lawsuit, Green alleges the “Transcendental Meditation” program was held during school hours, and students were required to participate in an initiation ceremony called a “Puja” — an “expression of gratitude” to the dead founders of the practice.

During the “Puja,” instructors chanted words in Sanskrit containing “statements recognizing the power possessed by various Hindu deities and invitations to those same Hindu deities to channel their powers” without telling students what they meant, the suit states.

Green learned of the “hidden religious nature” of the program and shared the information with other CPS students and teachers at Bogan. When teachers reminded her to meditate, she told them it “was not normal” and asked why students weren’t learning, the suit alleges.

When told to bow to a strange deity, as part of the program, Green resisted, explaining in an interview:

“Like, I’m in school right now, why is we learning how to meditate in this way? I just knew it wasn’t right. So that’s what made me take the initiative and go home to tell my parent and my auntie, who was my pastor at the time, that I didn’t feel comfortable with what they was enforcing on me at school.

The only time I kneel was when I was at the altar at church when I’m praying and I’m kneeling down for God because that was a way that we was taught, but not the kneeling to that idol. It was inappropriate.”

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1 thought on “Christian Student Awarded $150K After Public School Tries to Trick Her Into Literal Idol Worship

  1. This is yet another in an endless number of examples of why sending your children to a public school is tantamount to child abuse…

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