German Homeschool Family Facing Imminent Deportation Given One-Year Reprieve

The ‘German Homeschooling Family” facing expulsion from the United States after 15 years of asylum has been given a one-year reprieve, according to a press release from their lawyers.

By way of backround: “The Romeike family was forced to flee Germany in 2008, because they chose to homeschool. Germany does not recognize the fundamental right of parents to homeschool their children, and only permits the practice in very narrow circumstances” As a result “authorities began leveling fines that exceeded the family’s income, forcibly removing the children from the home to take them to school, and threatening to remove the children from the home permanently…Fleeing to America, the United States government granted the Romeikes “indefinite deferred action status,” which allowed them to live, work, and remain safely in the United States without fear of deportation. Then, in September 2023, the Romeikes were told during a routine check-in that their deferred status had been revoked, and they were given 4 weeks to comply”

The Home School Legal Defense Association, who are representing the family, revealed:

We just received news from ICE that the Romeikes are going to be given a one-year delay of deportation on Wednesday, October 11.

This is excellent news! According to our friends on Capitol Hill, this outcome is the direct result of your calls, your petition signatures, and your outreach to Congress on this issue. Now the reality is that until this is signed on October 11, this is not guaranteed, but we do expect a positive outcome. We are sending our attorney, Kevin Boden, to join the Romeike family while they meet with ICE next week.  

… this stay is not a permanent solution. It’s a bandage, but a very important one—and one that could not have happened without your diligent efforts on the Romeikes’ behalf. The long-term solution is that the Romiekes need to be granted either asylum or permanent residency status. While we still have work to do, we are very grateful for this temporary reprieve

Glad to hear it.

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6 thoughts on “German Homeschool Family Facing Imminent Deportation Given One-Year Reprieve

  1. The Biden administration is evil personified, period. Surely, God has taken His hand of protection from the U.S.

    1. In a recent interview, Biden stated that the U.S. will soon be a “minority-white-European country” but that, nonetheless, whites should be treated with “respect.”

      This German family does not fit with that replacement agenda.

  2. This would have happened regardless of who the president is. ICE is one of our worst agencies. If you ever have to deal with them, you will praise the DMV for its efficiency and customer service skills. Since most Americans do not have to deal with ICE, it continues in its lumbering fashion. Our immigration needs total reform.

    1. Immigration should be halted for the foreseeable future until our internal issues can be resolved

      America is full

      1. The Hart-Celler act needs to be repealed but I don’t hear anyone in “conservative” media talking about that. We basically have two options:

        Dems: I hate White people, I hate this country, and I want to burn it all to the ground.

        Republicans: Yes, but slower and LEGALLY.

  3. Of course, the obvious solution is for this family to go to Mexico and re-enter the United Staes via the Southern border.

    There they will be welcomed with open arms. Some cosmetic change in their appearance may be necessary however

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