Acts 29 Network Talking Heads Pummeled For Squishy LGBTQ Response

Pastor Nate Schlomann took a two-by-four to the talking heads at the Acts 29 Network commenting on a video  between Justin Anderson, the Director of Church Planting for Acts 29, and Mike Sullivan, lead pastor of Emmaus Church in Worcester, MS sharing strategies for churches to show ‘gospel hospitality’ to our LGBTQIA+ friends and family with conviction and love. 

Acts 29 was founded as an evangelistic church planting network designed to exemplify a deep biblicism, mainly on the back of its Calvinistic soteriology. However, downgrade has crept in over the years, facilitated by a leadership that refuses to diligently and relentlessly cull cultural decay and ungodly influence within their midst, exemplified best after they cowardly kicked out two pastors from their network for an unspecified public critique.

Schlomann explains their recent snafu:

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6 thoughts on “Acts 29 Network Talking Heads Pummeled For Squishy LGBTQ Response

  1. Allow me the opportunity to profile for a minute. So-called pastors, church staff, church leaders and church members who have tattoos and culturally hip hairstyles, like this clown’s Pentecostal woman bun, are liberals. They are not cool. They are not cutting edge. They are not doing great things. They are not reaching where the traditional church would never go. They are not discipling in biblical Christianity. They are weaklings who can’t live out, or shoulder, or teach the truths of real, biblical Christianity within an abhorrent culture in steep decline.

    1. Yep it’s a typo. In the video Justin Anderson says ‘Worcester Massachusetts’ (MA) but in the article it says ‘Worcester MS’. I don’t think there is a Worcester in Mississippi.

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