The VP Declares that Baby Murder Will be Biden/Harris’ Signature Issue in 2024

During a pro-abortion rally this week, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a speech at Howard University, where she unsurprisingly referred to Republican lawmakers opposed to abortion as “extremists.” The address was attended by various pro-abortion groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and EMILY’s List.

Harris spent a large part of her speech criticizing the few principled Christian conservatives in government still standing for the rights of the unborn, stating:

“These so-called leaders would have the audacity to dictate what’s in our best interest, but we’re not going to allow that. We trust the people of America to make their own decisions about their health and bodies.”

The vice president also criticized the recent heartbeat abortion bans that prevent abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

“It’s ridiculous. Many women aren’t even aware that they’re pregnant at that stage of gestation, yet these extremists want to dictate what women can do with their own bodies.”

This is what the left does best: they invert reality. The “extremist” position is to sacrifice children at the altar of promiscuity and convenience. Harris, like nearly every Democrat, views murdering unborn children as a reasonable position, a clear manifestation of a seared conscience and reprobate mind.

While the speech was not part of an official campaign event for President Joe Biden’s reelection bid, the president and Harris are expected to make abortion their signature issue in the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

Their first campaign video highlighted the importance of personal freedom (leftist code words for the right to murder babies) and criticized “MAGA extremists” who seek to protect the unborn.

The line between good and evil has never been clearer in American politics, and that line will only get more apparent as the 2024 presidential election season ramps up. The Democrats will highlight their love for murdering babies in the womb, and it’s up to Christians to vote against this demonic agenda.

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30 thoughts on “The VP Declares that Baby Murder Will be Biden/Harris’ Signature Issue in 2024

  1. Mrs. Harris, you do have control over your body. Don’t lay it in the bed and spread your legs with every man you meet. Howabout that.

      1. Such a self-absorbed slut, you can’t even manage basic reading comprehension.

        So bad you would murder another human being in order to continue in that sin.

      2. Young lady, I can tell you this, you’re not going to find a good man as long as you are such a godless, self-absorbed, irritating, arrogant pain in the posterior.

        What good man would marry a slut who would rather murder a child than keep her legs closed?

        Within five minutes, you’d be in bed with somebody else. You’d sneak off and murder his child. There’s no telling what you would do.

        Your future is that of a bitter, feminist hag, followed by an eternity in Hell.

      3. What you really need first, M, is a godly father who loves you enough to give you the truthful advice you need.

        There are plenty of good men out there. But your problem is they’re smart enough to know better than to come anywhere near you. I know that might hurt, but it’s the truth. Heed it and perhaps your future will not be so grim.

        The same applies to the Lord. In your current unrepentant state, He’s not coming anywhere near you. And it’s not His fault. It’s yours.

        1. Must be nice to have to worry about contraception with a personality like that. It’s a blessing to all women and the human race.

          1. Such irony coming from someone who believes unborn human beings are not a blessing.

            70,000,000 human beings slaughtered.

            How is that mass genocide a blessing?

      4. But of course, you rebel against such truths because you wrongly believe it would mean he would be controlling you. So you go out of your way to purposefully make yourself into everything a good man doesn’t want. And from what I’ve seen, you’re doing a fantastic job of it.

          1. Unhappy with the slaughter of 70 million children. You’d better believe it.

            So is God Almighty.

          2. The irony of your posts is something to behold.

            Someone who takes out her unhappiness on unborn children, to the point of cold-blooded murder.

            We can turn your own “logic” right back at you, young lady. That baby you’re murdering isn’t the source of your unhappiness either. You are. So don’t take it out on the babies.

          3. 70,000,000 murdered babies, as a result of rabid, bitter, unhappy, discontented feminutzies like you blaming someone else for your unhappiness, and taking it out on completely innocent children.

            You wouldn’t feel the need for such a nazified mass “final solution” for babies, if you’d honor God’s created order and design for marriage. You wouldn’t have the urge to try to cover sins with more sins. Quit sleeping around. Act like you actually do have some control over your own body, and keep your legs closed.

  2. Is this sight promoting Faith based biblical truth, or lowering itself to the same standards as the world? All I hear in these “12 posts” are clanging symbols and noise. Love does NOT call a women a slut or hag because you disagree with her ethics. I came to see truth in love and this is what I see posted. You need to go back and read your Bibles a lot closer. God loved her enough to send His Son to die for her and everyone like her… and for all of you as well.
    But the grace of God, there go I.

    1. If she sleeps around with every man she meets, she’s a slut. If she makes suggestive comments on a message board, to a man she doesn’t even know, saying “name the time and place”, she’s a slut.

      The Bible calls such women “whore”

      Love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth. (1 Cor. 13:6).

      You don’t know the background here. M has been trolling and pestering me for about a year, solid. And she knows that if she trolls me the way she did, I will respond. If she doesn’t want to hear it, she shouldn’t troll me.

      You won’t find any posts from me here that address her without provocation. If she doesn’t want to hear it, she needs to quit trolling and pestering me. As long as she does, she’s going to hear the truth from me, regardless of who doesn’t like it, you included.

      Yet here you are, rather than rejoicing in the truth, you’re defending the “ethics” of a woman who is advocating for the slaughter of millions of babies so she can engage in all manner of sexual immorality.

    2. And don’t bear false witness. You’re not illiterate. I did not call her “hag” – I said that is where she’s headed – to becoming a bitter old hag. And she is. As a non-believer (which M is), she’s also headed to an eternity in Hell, which is infinitely worse than becoming a bitter hag.

      That is the truth in love.

    3. As a matter of fact, you won’t find many posts, if any at all, from her here to which I possibly could respond without provocation – because they’re all specifically targeting me.

      Nothing I’ve said here is unblibical, or goes against scripture. My language here is actually very soft compared to the language used by Jesus and the Apostles.

      She needs to be rebuked. She needs to hear the truth. And apparently so do you KayCee.

      There are at least 70,000,000 reasons why, if there were none other.

    4. I’ve told her many times, btw, long before you ever jumped into the middle of things, that Jesus loved her enough to die for her.

      He did. And He would also thoroughly, directly, and probably harshly, rebuke her for her sexual immorality and for advocating for the murder of His children.

      For He demonstrated His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, He died for us.

      He died for her even when she’s a sexually immoral, murderous slut. All she has to do is repent. But rather than do that, she remains unrepentant, has remained so for a very long time, and trolls here just to harass and make trouble.

    5. Like her, you also show yourself.

      You say you want to hear Biblical truth, yet you consider sexual immorality and mass murder to be mere differences in ethics – with ethics being the worldly standards of mankind, by definition.

      I hate to have to break it to you but the Bible addresses sexual immorality and murder. It calls her a whore and murderer. The discussion here absolutely is about Biblical truth. And truth in love – tough love, but that’s apparently what she needs, because nothing else has gotten through to her. She must be shown what a rotten sinner she is before she will ever understand the magnitude of the love that Jesus has for her.

      I don’t rebuke unless it is justified. I’m not above reproach. None of us are. So you are welcome to correct me using scripture. I’m always open to correction. But I’m not going to be moved by pity for having hurt her feelings. Again, there are 70,000,000 dead babies, who are a reason why. There is rampant sexual immorality imposing upon us, which is a reason why.

      I don’t pity wolves. I take my staff and beat the snot out of them, like a good shepherd would do.

    6. She wants to engage in all manner of sexual immorality and then murder the baby.

      The Biblical truth is that is far worse than “whore”, “slut”, “hag”, or “murderer”

      It’s a level of wickedness that I cannot even think of a word to describe.

      That is the Biblical truth. If you really want to hear it.

    7. I don’t know what is wrong with some of you women.

      Rampant sexual immorality and the genocide of the unborn are just mere differences in ethics to you.

      But if someone uses the word slut, even when it is absolutely true, you have a conniption.

      Murder 70,000,000 children, no problem. But calling a slut a slut, that’s the end of the world.

    8. As an esteemed fellow poster says, the best argument against women preachers is women preachers.

      I’m beginning to understand why God tells you to remain silent. You’ll ignore mass genocide, ignore mass sexual immorality, gloss over any evil imaginable, burning your Bible on the way out the door, to rush to the defense of a perceived underdogs, particularly fellow women, because somebody cared enough to tell them the harsh truth.

      You are not wired for it. You coddle the wolves and beat the sheep. And you can’t help yourself.

    9. Q: what is a woman who posts “name the time and place” to a man in an anonymous comment section, who she doesn’t know, and has never even met?

      A: a SLUT and a WHORE

      And that’s Biblical truth.

    10. She obviously wants to find a man. and I cared enough to tell her the simple truth about that also.

      No good man is going to marry a slut, much less one who wants to be a slut so badly she’ll murder babies for it.

      If you have a conniption upon hearing that truth, you need to get over having conniptions.

      Good men will steer miles clear of such women. She’s not going to attract anything but worthless deadbeats, and then she’ll spend the rest of her life in misery, bellyaching, believing all men are like the deadbeats she called to her bed. As time passes, she’ll look back and see that she never had the control she tried to obtain. She believes she’s up against men. In reality, she’s up against God Himself.

      It’s called tough love. If I didn’t care about her not becoming that bitter old hag, and more importantly not spending eternity in Hell, I wouldn’t have told her the truth.

    11. Some of you think a good man is one who will support your feminist ideals.

      You couldn’t be more wrong. A man who supports sexual immorality and murder of the unborn is far worse than any woman who does so. Why? Because that is a man who has completely quenched every good thing that God put into him to care for and protect his wife and children. He has completely abandoned God’s created order. He has no fear of the Lord.

      A good man, as caregiver and protector, would die for his wife and children in a heartbeat, and wouldn’t hesitate for a split second. A good man knows he will answer to his Maker on judgment day. Believe me, you don’t want a man who would murder a child for his own convenience. You find a man who supports the murder of the unborn, you’d be wise to run and never look back.

      I know these things better than you ever could. I’m a man. I know. If M wants to find a good man, she’s going to have to repent and change her ways. If it takes the harsh truth to get her attention, and show her the severity of the problem, so be it.

    12. You marry a man like that, who’s so self-absorbed, and has so little concern for others that he would murder his own children for his own convenience, and you’ll learn the hard way what it’s like to live under the fist of a tyrant, and to truly have no control – over anything, much less your own body.

      God’s way is the best way. He’s not stupid. He knows a thing or two.

  3. This administration and its leaders have an antichrist spirit – fanatically fixated on everything morally and financially corrosive to the well-being of this once-great country.
    Surely, God is chastising America through the actions of this evil administration.

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