Children of All Ages Invited to Disneyland’s First Gay and Trans Pride Night 

If it isn’t apparent yet that Disney wants to indoctrinate kids into the demonic cult of the sodomites and transgender weirdos, it should be. Disneyland just announced that they will be holding their first ever Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite, and they are extending the invitation to children of all ages. The ticketed event will cost $139 for anyone wicked enough to want to attend, but children under the age of three will get in free. The event will feature a pride-themed parade with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and other characters dressed in “special attire.” 

This event is obviously targeted toward children, even though it runs from 9:00pm until 1:00am. It’s heartbreaking to know that so many impressionable kids will be exposed to this from their grooming parents.

This shouldn’t be surprising, however, as Disney has been targeting children with gay and trans propaganda for years. Protestia has covered this in several articles

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Just in the past year, Disney fought the state of Florida over its Parental Rights Education law which sought to prevent children from being groomed into the sodomite cult. The company continues to shoehorn gay and trans characters into their children’s programming, even introducing the Disney Pride Collection – a line of gay-themed clothing for both adults and children with the profits going to LGBTQIA+ causes.

The bottom line is that Disney wants your children to be gay or trans, or at the very least openly and agressively celebrate those who are, irrespective of how much money it costs them. Last year, it was reported that the company lost $258 million on two woke children’s movies with gay characters – Lightyear and Strange World.

While the popular phrase, “go woke, go broke,” has some merit (though less and less as times goes on) we must understand that it isn’t just about making money for these companies. They have an agenda, and they are going to push it no matter the cost, and any parent would be crazy than to do anything other than regard Disney with suspicion and outright hostility.

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  1. Walt Disney was a good, godly man whose dream was to build a place for people to escape the world to a simpler, wholesome place. Over time his godless relatives and Disney executives have embraced the world with its sin and deviance in the pursuit of profits. To many like my family who have loved this company’s values for years, it’s like losing a national monument. Sad.

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