Cringey Deliverance Minister Gives a Contract of Divorce…to a Demon?

We’ve seen charismatic hucksters put on many fake exorcisms over the years, but a recent one from ‘deliverance minister’ Daniel Adams may be the most eye-rolling yet. Known as the cringiest deliverance minister on the internet, where second-hand embarrassment is enough to give a sunburn, some of the dishonorable mentions we’ve cataloged over the years include:

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Adams is a ‘pastor’ and revivalist who founded Next Level Christianity, which later morphed into the international ministry ‘This Supernatural Life.’ He used to have a physical church location years ago but eschewed it for an online presence.

Adams and his wife travel the world, putting on revival meetings where he casts out demons, performs miraculous healings, and then posts them online. No small operation, he has partners in 15 countries and 43 states and has half a million subscribers on Youtube, where most videos get between 5k-300k views. Along with selling merch from his website, he offers one-on-one life coaching sessions for a fee of $500/h.

Make no mistake: he is a blaspheming false teacher who is headed to hell unless he gets saved.

Known to closely associate with revivalist Isaiah Salvidar, he also travels around with fake apostlette Kathryn Krick, and they can occasionally be seen using the same actors to perform exorcisms on, sometimes only days apart.

During a recent video, he claims that “Generational curses bring struggle and pain for the whole family, but this woman had a spirit that would go as far as claim her to be married to him! Deliverance wouldn’t just cast this spirit off of her, but bring divine intervention to this unholy marriage.”

Also: those visual effect flourishes are all him.

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