David French and Russell Moore Launch Curriculum to Teach Christians How to Engage in Politics

Former ERLC President and current Editor of Christianity Today, Russell Moore, is joining forces with David French and Curtis Chang to launch ‘The After Party” a teaching curriculum to educate Christians on how to have a proper view of politics. 

Sounds awful. We’d rather listen to a 14-year-old atheist sarcastically read the bible out loud to us than sit in on that course. Heck, it would be more pleasant to be disemboweled and have demons use our entrails as squirmy whips to lash us with than have to listen to anything they’d have to say about the intersection of faith and politics. 


Curtis Chang’s organization ‘Redeeming Babel’ is launching the project; the problem is that “evangelical politics have become deformed into hatred of political opponents, susceptibility to lies, and other practices that threaten the common good.” 

Determining that “Many local leaders feel like they lack the resources to deal with the political complexities of the day.” Moore, French, and Chang are here to save the day.

The After Party does the heavy lifting to support local leaders. By presenting national trusted evangelical voices, local leaders do not have to take all the fire by themselves. They only need to sponsor this curriculum into their small group communities, and let us make the case….. The curriculum does the complex – but absolutely necessary – theological work of reframing Christian political identity from today’s divisive partisan options….In today’s political environment, faithfulness to this Biblical “how” of political engagement will shine as a radical alternative to both the Right and the Left.

Moore and French’s progressive proclivities are well known and established- just recently French came out in support of gay marriage and child genital mutilation, claiming cutting off healthy breast tissue or turning a teenager’s penis into a wannabe vagina it’s not abusive. 

So who is Chang? He’s an author, a professor at Duke Divinity School, and Senior Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary. A former pastor, he founded Redeeming Babel in 2019 to address “underlying theological problems driving the chaos and confusion of our current world” which includes “a mishappen approach to politics.” 

He is perhaps best known for his website ‘Christians and the Vaccine’ where he routinely shamed Christians for refusing to get vaccinated, as well as argued there should be no religious exemptions to vaccine mandates. He also denounced the recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom, blames the Church for January 6th, and participated in the 95 Theses of Police Reform.

Some of these theses include: decriminalize and no longer require policing of the following: Consumption of alcohol on streets, marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, trespassing, loitering, disturbing the peace, End the culture of civilian intimidation with guns: police must be unarmed in spaces of civilian engagement, and General call to defund the police. 

These people are the last ones you should be learning anything from.

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9 thoughts on “David French and Russell Moore Launch Curriculum to Teach Christians How to Engage in Politics

  1. Yeah.

    I’m certain I’m going to listen to what a pair of quislings have to say about the Church and politics 😳

  2. Satan is a mocker: First Keller’s apologetics group, and now these Woke-friendly, Woke-adherent people setting themselves up as the Church’s preeminently qualified teachers on engaging in politics?!

    The more the value of truth declines, the more he will mock us with things like this.

  3. Chang decimates his purported value in this by revealing his stunning lack of discernment and heavy bias (in the screen shot above). What happened at the Capitol is not an all-or-nothing matter, and we are finding out more and more about crucial factors, and other political people and groups involved.

    More importantly, it has been exploited to falsely accuse, demonize, and summarily and condemn all Christians, “evangelicals,” “white evangelicals,” “MAGA people,” and conservatives. And he falls right in, and then he puts himself as the expert who can teach others on how to engage in politics? Yikes!

    Also, what are the odds any of these guys will accurately and sufficiently address, at all, the politics of Woke-ism/leftism? (they will, not doubt, give lip-service here or there, so they can say they did this)

  4. I’m just going to go ahead and respond to every argument these three stooges try to make from now to the end of days:

    As a Christian, my Lord, Savior and Master is Jesus Christ.

  5. Is this the same David French who was Bill Kristol’s hand-picked anti-Trump U.S. presidential candidate for about 3 days–or was it 3 hours–in 2016?

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