UK Street Preacher Convicted of “Misgendering” Man Under Counter-Terrorism “Extreme Views” Law

(The Dissenter) Wakefield, UK street preacher, David McConnell, was arrested and convicted under the nation’s counter-terrorism laws according to reports, and the probation officer that he had been assigned to considered McConnell to be “persistently and illegally taking an extreme point of view.”

In 2021, McConnell was preaching to a crowd of people in Leeds when he was approached by a “trans woman” (a biological male dressed as a woman), who filmed him and asked him if he thought God accepted LGBTQ people. He responded that homosexuality was an “abomination in the sight of God” and that lesbianism was “unnatural.”

Reports state that McConnell referred to the trans woman as “this gentleman” and “a man in women’s clothing” rather than cave to the pseudo-reality of the leftists who demand that the world celebrate complete insanity.

McConnell’s legal representative,…to continue reading ,click here.

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