Betrayal! Former SBC University President Votes To Nationalize Gay Marriage

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Former Southwest Baptist University President and current lame-duck U.S. Senator from the state of Missouri, Senator Roy Blunt, has voted in favor of the deceptively-named Respect for Marriage Act. The pro-sodomite legislation is expected to become law with unanimous support from the morally-compromised Democrat party and a faction of support from a number of Rinos in the Republican party. Blunt’s support was the greatest surprise, as the Missouri Republican was perhaps the most conservative of the Senators who chose to support the legislation. 

Blunt, known for his relative conservatism, previously voted for the Marriage Protection Amendment, an amendment that would have legally defined marriage as between one man and one woman. The Marriage Protection Amendment was last defeated in 2006. 

Blunt, who remains a Southern Baptist, defied the Missouri Baptist Convention with his vote. In an open letter, the convention urged Blunt to use his power to keep the amendment from becoming law. The Respect For Marriage Act would require states to recognize marriages from all other states, effectively opening the door for every manner of perversion in the institution of marriage and immediately nationalizing gay mirage. If one state legalized marriage that involves polygamy, polyamory, or pedophilia, all states would be required to accept those marriages from that state as legal and binding if the bill becomes law. Additionally, the amendment does not contain adequate language to protect parachurch organizations, religious schools, and Christians who have a spine from government-sanctioned civil and criminal persecution for their refusal to bend their knee to sexual perversion.

Blunt joins a growing number of turncoats in the Evangelical world, who since the Obergefell Supreme Court decision, have “evolved” or “Frenched” on their position on gay mirage. While Blunt had a pro-marriage, pro-life, conservative voting record prior to voting for the amendment, the act of unapologetically joining hands with leftists to support the Sodomite cause will undoubtedly enshrine him in the hall great Southern Baptist leftists alongside Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Men like these use their associations to beguile Bible-believing Christians into voting for them before revealing their true selves. Blunt, whose family consists almost entirely of corporate lobbyists, doesn’t have a clear motive for changing his tune on marriage. Unlike other evangelicals who make the compromise when a family member is found to be sexually compromised, the lame-duck vote from Blunt seems to be a pragmatic end-of-career move designed to curry favor with Democrats for his wealthy lobbyist family members.

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7 thoughts on “Betrayal! Former SBC University President Votes To Nationalize Gay Marriage

  1. Jesus said, what we do to even the least of these, we do to Him.

    I would ask Mr. Blunt, and all the other professing Christians who are ignoring God’s Word: would you try to force and extort Jesus himself to accept, respect, and endorse that which He himself, being God, has defined as abominable sin?

    Would you try to force Jesus to abide by such a “law” ???

    If you wouldn’t try to extort Jesus to doing so (and you know you darned well better not), then why would you try to extort others? Bible-believing Christians, who don’t have much, who live paycheck to paycheck, or in even tougher situations, are backed into a corner by such law, being put under enormous pressure through attempts to extort them into going against God’s Word, by power of government, in order just to survive.

    Fake Christians who are imposing this godlessness are the sort who cry “Lord! Lord!” but their heart is far from Him. Let them be reminded. What they have done to believers in this country, they have done to Jesus Himself. They have committed a terrible sin. And He will repay.

  2. What Bible are these self-labeled Christians reading and why do they obviously believe it to be incorrect/flawed?
    These are dark times – how much longer until God Almighty unleashes His righteous wrath?

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  4. What did he do that they have something over him? You just don’t turn like that unless there is a motivating factor.

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