Lifeway Research: Half of Churchgoers Want Their Congregation To Share Their Politics

According to a new Lifeway Research Poll, most Christians say they’d prefer if their church votes the same way they do and have the same political identity; results that are hardly surprising given the current climate we live in. 

The research found that “Half of U.S. Protestant churchgoers (50%) say they’d prefer to attend a church where people share their political views, and 55% believe that to be the case at their congregation already.”

While these statistics are not dissimilar from a previous 2017 poll, what has changed is the adamancy of “worshipping alongside political peers,” with 19% “strongly agreeing” that they’d prefer not to worship next to someone whose political perspectives are completely contrary their own, a 7% increase from 2019. 

Though there are several biblically defensible perspectives on which party or candidate to vote for, from Republican to Independent, write-in to Libertarian, to even not voting at all, who one votes for does reveal something about the spiritual state of a man or woman. For this reason, no Christian should feel kinship and comfort when surrounded by people who consistently vote for a certain party that is rabidly and unapologetically pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, pro-child grooming, pro-theft and pro-tyranny.

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