Russell Moore Joins Hands With Marxist Liberation Theologians in Deconstructionist Conference

The roster for the upcoming Reconstructing Evangelicalism Conference, which would be more aptly named if it were called the Deconstructing Evangelicalism Conference, looks like a Who’s Who in the leftist Evangelical world. The conference, hosted by the Center for Pastor Theologians will feature several false teachers who twist scripture in their own special ways, including radical Liberation Theologians, environmentalists, Marxists, and supporters of the LGBTQ agenda.

One notable theologian in the lineup is Russell Moore, who is currently obsessed with what he describes as the evils of Christian Nationalism. In a recent article, Moore claimed that those conservatives who oppose leftist ideology are seeking to build an ethnostate through “Christian Nationalism”, Moore’s favorite right-wing boogeyman, while leftist Christians are simply seeking to advance society through progressive means.

Despite their self-perceived opposition to the social gospel of old, Christian nationalists embrace the exact same view of the gospel. For the social-gospel-oriented left wing, Christianity exists to build a social order in step with the upward progress of humanity. For the Christian nationalist right-wing, Christianity exists to build a social order in step with national or ethnic identity. The gospel is a means for a forward-looking utopianism in the one case and a backward-looking nostalgia in the other. Christian nationalism is a liberation theology for white people.

A number of Liberation theologians are slated to speak at the conference and participate in panel discussion, including Malcolm Foley, Equity Advisor to the President of Theological Dumpster-Fire Baylor, who resents the suggestion by Moore that Christian nationalism is merely “liberation theology for white people.”

In a recent response to Moore’s statement, Foley claimed that liberation theology is for white people, and rank heretic Marxist liberation theologians James Cone and Gustavo Gutierrez are actually orthodox.

Finally and perhaps offensively, there is the overall false equivalency of the claim that Christian nationalism is “liberation theology for white people”, an absurdity that Moore surely understands: it assumes that white people are oppressed, particularly because of their whiteness, Americanness, and “Christianity”. Cone teaches us much because the Black experience in this country has largely been one of facing terroristic violence and political and economic oppression. Gutierrez, Jon Sobrino, Oscar Romero and others teach us much because of and through their embeddedness with the poor and exploited of Latin America. In white Christian nationalists, we hear nothing but the whining of those who interpret the loss of cultural and political hegemony as persecution. There is no equivalence here. Nothing in the Scriptures suggests the Lord’s sympathy with the greedy and the prideful. Much, however, aligns the Lord with the poor. 

Despite pushback against Moore’s recent statements, Foley, who preaches the Marxist myth of “Racial Capitalism”, considers Moore to be a true comrade in the fight against capitalism and orthodox Christianity because they both despise conservative white evangelicals.

Other notable speakers include LGBTQ-affirming author Kristen Du MezLGBTQ-affirming Love Sechrest, a black feminist who uses she/her pronouns and is the author of Can “White” People Be Saved?, LGBTQ sympathizer and climate-science pusher Gavin Ortlund, animal rights advocate Karen Swallow Prior, and feminist deistic evolutionist Pastrix Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, who once argued that just like Corrie Ten Boom ignored German laws and hid Jews from the Nazis, Christians should ignore US immigration laws and help illegal immigrants

Gospel Coalition authors who will join in this leftist celebration of the decline of the faith include Kevin Vanhoozer, Benjamin Espinosa, Winfred Neely, Michael Niebauer, Matt O’Reilly, and Douglas Sweeney.

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