Pastor Preaches About How Successful He is, Calls People Who Criticize His Success “Losers”

Public Retraction:

An initial version of this article described Hamblin as a “traveling prosperity gospel televangelist and revivalist.” This information was incorrect and we apologize for the error, as he is not a prosperity preacher. We’ve issued a formal and permanent retraction on our page here.

(Dissenter) John Hamblin, also known as “Hambone,” is a traveling televangelist and revivalist who preaches in pulpits around the world. According to his website:

Pastors who have had Dr. Hamblin in their pulpit have named him; “a Bible preacher of note”, “a powerful revivalist” and “a pastor’s friend!”

He is a “preacher of note” for sure, but not of the Bible. In a sermon video from Lakecrest Baptist Church that recently surfaced, Hamblin tells a story about one of his supporters who withdrew support from his ministry. Retelling the story, he insisted that he did not want to know the reason why his supporter withdrew support, but the supporter insisted on telling him anyways. He then said that the reason his supporter withdrew support is that his ministry had become “so successful.”

Of course, these prosperity charlatans define success by how much money they make.

Recounting what his supporter who withdrew support told him, “We just have a philosophy in our …to continue reading, click here.

Editor’s Note. This article was written and published at The Dissenter

2 thoughts on “Pastor Preaches About How Successful He is, Calls People Who Criticize His Success “Losers”

  1. Dr. Hamblin has now given other discerning supporters more good reasons not to support his ministry. Failing to respect the supporter’s stewardship according to God’s leading, referring to ministry funds as his personal blessings, teaching unbiblical principles, defiantly reacting to conviction of his conscience, and several more.

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