Prominent Christians Sign Statement Denouncing ‘Idolatry of Individual Rights’ + AR-15’s

The Asian American Christian Collaborative has released a “STATEMENT ON THE ROBB ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MASSACRE IN UVALDE, TEXAS” whereby they lament the loss of life at the Uvalde school shooting, urging fellow sojourners to sign a statement condemning the idolatrous worship of individual rights over and against the need to love our neighbors by instituting stricter gun control laws. The statement reads in part:

“Life and liberty are bedrock values of American civic life but one’s individual liberty must not violate the life and liberties of others. As Christians who have navigated political polarization in the U.S. as well as abroad, we are called to bring attention to the dangers and sin of political idolatry, especially when they lead to the destruction of life. As followers of Christ, our allegiance is primarily to Christ and His Kingdom. Christians must stand together to denounce all forms of idolatrous worship, including the idolatry of individual rights (and all its entailments) over God’s commandment to love our neighbors.

While personal rights are important American democratic values, we find nowhere in the Scriptures a Christian tenet that prioritizes individual liberties or personal rights over the love of neighbor and their flourishing

…Legislation may not eradicate evil but legislation declares which evils will not be tolerated in our societyThose who hold the belief that life begins in the womb must be consistent in caring for lives through to the tomb

What sort of laws do they want to be implemented? Other than supporting H.R. 8 (Bipartisan Background Checks Act) and H.R. 1446 (Enhanced Background Checks of 2021) they explain:

AACC supports bipartisan efforts towards common sense gun legislation to promote gun safety that include but are not limited to raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21 years old; requiring universal background checks; passing red-flag laws; requiring licenses to purchase and carry; and banning semi-automatic assault rifles (such as the AR-15) , high-capacity magazines, and “ghost guns.”

Some of the more prominent signers include:

  • Pastor Raymond Chang, President, Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC)
  • Shane Claiborne, President, Red Letter Christians
  • Christine Caine, Founder, Propel Women
  • Jemar Tisby, PhD, Author, “The Color of Compromise” and “How to Fight Racism”
  • Soong-Chan Rah, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Thabiti Anyabwile, Pastor, Anacostia River Church, President, The Crete Collective
  • Dr. Derwin L. Gray, Co-founder & Lead Pastor, Transformation Church 
  • Nate Collins, PhD, President, Revoice
  • Michael Wear, Founder, Public Square Strategies, LLC

8 thoughts on “Prominent Christians Sign Statement Denouncing ‘Idolatry of Individual Rights’ + AR-15’s

  1. Don’t want to associate with any of them ever. Anyone know a good church? Leaving mine today

    1. Shouldn’t quotation marks be around the word “Christian” in the headline and article?

      Do they really not understand what happened at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas and at the grocery store before that in Buffalo could’ve been prevented if authorities, who knew about these two nut cases, had done their jobs.

      And then we need to find the real reason a particular teacher propped open the door at the school right before Salvador Ramos entered after already shooting at the school and shooting his grandmother in the face.

      Funny how we don’t hear anything about the shooter in Tulsa Oklahoma most recently who killed three people. Wonder why? Oh yeah.

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  2. While they may be prominent they’re not really Christian leaders of any value. It’s a collaboration and collection of lunatics, heretics and ravenous wolves.

  3. Those signers aren’t Christians. More evidence proving Collins, gray, Claiborne, Caine and others are legit agents of Satan.

  4. It is un-Christlike and antithesis to the Gospel to focus on anything other than what we know to be the root problem, a wicked sinful heart, and what we know to be the solution to that problem, God’s ability and willingness to cure the sinful heart of any and all who truly submit to Him, truly accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

    Naturally, wolves who preach a false gospel, that sinfulness should be accepted, encouraged, and even celebrated, would make every effort imaginable to divert attention and debate away from that one and only root problem and the one and only solution thereto.

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