Family of Woman who Dramatically Exposed Pastor Sleeping with 16 Year Old Now Say It Started When She was 14+ More Details

A week after an Indiana pastor who confessed an ‘adulterous’ affair he had 20 years ago during a church service yesterday was publicly confronted right afterward by the survivor of that assault, blasting him for the way he was spinning it and correcting the story that she was 16 years old when they began having sex, now say disturbing encounters between the pastor and teen happened even before that.

In an article written by the Daily Mail, Mom Karen told them that the grooming of her then-teenage daughter, Bobi Gephart, started before she was 16, the legal age of consent in Indiana.

‘The grooming actually started before Bobi was 16. I know that because Bobi told me. We figure somewhere around 14 or 15 years of age, maybe late 14 or early 15…I don’t know how it started. There are things I still don’t know…I think he started a physical relationship before 16, but I can’t be certain. I think it was when she was 15, although I don’t know that for sure….I trusted this man with my kids’ lives. And I always thought he was the protector and it never dawned on me that he would have touched her in that way let alone had sex with her – many, many, many, many times.”

Her brother Edgar, a retired Army intelligence warrant officer, also filled in some gaps in the story, with the permission of his sister. He says their parents and the Lowe’s were good friends and they often watched each other’s kids when one was away. He said that when he was 16 when he walked into the master bedroom and found Pastor Lowe shirtless and his younger sister just in underwear and a T-shirt under the covers.

‘I looked puzzled so he said, she just came in to say good morning and it was cold. They were in bed under a duvet and his wife was gone. And it was early.

‘I was trying to think it through. In my innocence I believed what he said. And I thought we’re family, he wouldn’t do anything, he’s our pastor and I’ll trust it.

‘Bobi is about 18 months younger than me so she would have been either 14 or 15 at the time. In my young mind I thought, it’s a good thing nobody else saw this or they would call the cops, and they wouldn’t even know that it was innocent.’

Though Edgar tried to suppress the image for years it always bothered him. Three weeks ago he decided to confront the pastor after a conversation with their other sister, who also felt like something about their relationship was off. He confronted pastor Lowe and demanded he quit the church, which is what prompted the public confession in the first place. It did not come out of thin air- he was forced to do it or else be exposed.

‘I confronted her (about the bedroom memory) and she told me everything that had happened. And she went into great detail with the relationship…I texted Lowe and I said “you are done, you will resign, you will make a public confession and you will face criminal charges most likely”.

‘He said, “you’re right, I’m done, do whatever you want. There is no defense for me”

…But he gave lip service by not following through on Sunday. When he got up there it was half the confession. He had a script, only said he had an affair. Nothing about her being underage or her name. So her husband Nate decided he was going to go and speak out….My sister then joined him as well and together they were strong enough to confront Lowe.’

The law is paying attention. Reportedly, Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney Office’s has begun an investigation, which would carry criminal charges of statutory rape if the accounts of her being 14 at the time are true. This would please Edgar greatly.

‘I want him to be broken in his heart in a way that is sincere. When I watched him on the stage I saw defiance and I saw pride and anger that he was caught.

‘I didn’t see remorse for what he had done and taken from my sister. There should be criminal charges and he should have to face whatever the court system decides is his fate.’

In a statement released by the church, they confirmed that Lowe has quit.

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