Apostlette Sets Newborn Baby Free from Demons

While perusing the Instagram page of fake exorcist Kathryn Krick, the result of revealing the extremely popular charismatic was paying a bunch of women to act possessed by demons that she could cast out, we came across the video titled ‘Newborn baby Set Free from Demons. ” The caption reads:

“Jesus delivered a newborn from demons last night! The baby was wailing for so much of the service and then the moment demons were declared to leave the crying immediately stopped! We were all left in awe and broke out in praise to God! Glory to God!”

Despite being theologically nonsensical to suppose that demons are either inhabiting a baby or afflicting it in some way, on account of unconfessed and unbroken ‘generational curses,’ the father tells Krick:

After the baby was delivered, doctors told us the right ear didn’t pass the hearing test, but I believe in my heart that she is healed.

Krick asks “Is there anything over you that you want to renounce? It could be from before you were a Christian. Just say what kind of open door?” to which he replies “I renounce anger. I renounce all the sacrifices in my family. I renounce all generational curses. I renounce every curse word out of my mouth. I renounce the hatred I spoke against the people. I renounce the lies of the devil in Jesus’ name.”

This is enough for Krick, who engages in a bit of wizardry and declares:

I break every generational curse off this family now, and I detach every generational curse off this family now…I break every curse trapped upon these children. On three, every spirit of infirmity, of death and upon this baby wants to leave now in Jesus’ name. On three. One…two..three.*

Truly one of the worst exorcisms we’ve ever seen.

  • This transcript is not perfect, as there was a bad audio, a crying baby, Krick speaking, as well as a translator, and should not be taken as completely accurate, though it is very close.

3 thoughts on “Apostlette Sets Newborn Baby Free from Demons

  1. This garbage is going to mess that kids head up when he or she is older.
    Total child abuse.

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