Prosecutors Recommend Josh Duggar Serve 20 Years in Prison. His Lawyer Asks He only Serve…

After being found guilty back in December 2021 on two counts of possessing child pornography, Josh Duggar, the former 19 Kids and Counting star and professing Christian, is about to hear his sentence on May 25. On May 11, both the defense and prosecution submitted sentencing memorandums in the Western District of Arkansas Federal Court in Fayetteville requesting that he serve very different sentences.

Being found guilty of possession and distributing Child sex abuse material (CSAM), These vessels for Duggar’s horrific masturbatory fantasies depicted child sex abuse involving children ranging from 18 months to 12 years of age, with FBI Agent Faulkner describing them as “in the top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine.”

Taking into account the totality of his past abuse and the lengths he went to possess it the prosecution asks that he serve 30 years, though the maximum allowable is 20, on account of several ‘enhancements’ that affected their recommendation and make it all the more serious.

These enhancements include “all prior acts of sexual abuse committed by Duggar, the four-level enhancement for visual depictions of sadistic and masochistic conduct, the five-level enhancement for engaging in a pattern of activity and the determination of the number of images involved in the offense.”

In short, the fact that he previously admitted to molesting four of his sisters, the fact that some of the images depicted sadistic and masochistic conduct against the children- ie not just naked children, but images and videos of them being tied up with rope and men having torturous sex with them, being anally penetrated, being shown locked naked and crying in dog cages, being whipped, and one sequence involving a girl being cut and bleeding from her stomach- the fact that this wasn’t a brief, one-time search for the material, but rather he engaged in sustained and long-time efforts to keep and receive it, and the number of images kept, which the government says is over 600.

Interesting, Duggar’s lawyers dispute this, saying it should only be 127 images and therefore a lighter sentence. They reason that some of the files downloaded were zipped files and were corrupted and could not be opened. So while a folder may have contained 40 images, the fact that they were not viewable should mean that he never actually ‘possessed’ them and should not count towards the total.

In giving testimony to highlight how serious it is, challenging the notion that having a few watched images is a ‘victimless crime,’ one of the mothers of one of the victims that Duggar downloaded and watched (and was later rescued, many are not and are still unknown, still being abused) addressed the harm it caused her daughter, writing:

I can find no words to express the fury I feel at those who participate in this evil, or my scorn for any attempt to minimize the responsibility by feeble claims that the crime was “victimless”. My daughter is a real person. She was horribly victimized to provide this source of “entertainment”. She is exploited anew each and every time an image of her suffering is copied, traded or sold. While the crime is clearly conscienceless, it is hardly “victim-less”.

I asked my daughter what she most wanted to ask of the judge. Her request: “Please, don’t let them pretend no-one’s getting hurt!”

She had some words for the defendant as well: “don’t you know no one should do that to a little girl! Don’t you know it hurts!”

The prosecutor also cites how Duggar has shown no interest in receiving counseling or therapy for his actions, making him a far greater risk to re-offend, and thus need to keep away from society longer. The motion states that “Duggar has a deep-seated, pervasive, and violent sexual interest in children…and a willingness to act on that interest.”

Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, he continues to protest his innocence, and that he’s been framed. Prior to and during the trial, several family friends, including his wife and mother submitted letters to the judge asking for leniency.

His wife Anna Duggar wrote things like: “Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk alongside them to help make their dreams a reality. I ask that you consider reuniting us as a family again soon” while his father in law described him as “very gentle, kind, and polite to everyone” and asked, “please be merciful to this young man that has a wife and seven children that love him and need him.”

As such, with a previously-hoped-for lighter sentence off the tables, his lawyers are asking for a five-year prison term followed by supervised release.

Given all the enhancements present, it is unlikely he will get his wish, with many legal experts expecting a sentence somewhere betwe 12-14 years.


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3 thoughts on “Prosecutors Recommend Josh Duggar Serve 20 Years in Prison. His Lawyer Asks He only Serve…

  1. What a despicable individual, he will probably be killed in prison and then he’ll face the judgment

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  3. I wish they could pull those children out of Anna’s care. Josh didn’t just look at a few pictures. I almost was physically sick just reading what he looked at. Those 7 children they have need to be pulled. Anna would see nothing wrong with him being home and will probably bring them for a visit.

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