‘Good, Good Mother?’ Woke Church Rewrites Song To make God a Chick

So much to unpack here. Austin New Church in Austin, Texas decided to ignore the Lord’s personal pronouns for their mother’s day service, re-writing the song ‘Good Good Father; with the ostensibly titled ‘Good, Good Mother, with the house band performing the abomination while the congregation listens on.

The name of the church should ring a bell for discernment wonks; it is the name of the church that Brandon and Jen Hatmaker founded in 2008. Hatmaker is the popular I’m-pretending-to-be-a-Christian-but-I’m-actually-a-pagan mommy-blogger and podcaster that is quickly climbing the ranks from “Gadfly False Teacher” to “Arch-Heretic,” while continuing to out herself as a vessel of inhabitation for shifty-eyed swine who’d rather not go off a cliff.

Last time we caught up with her, she was celebrating homosexuality, and being pro-transgender. She also became a woke racial justice warrior by saying, “the center of the church has failed to be black, gay, and transgender, and lamenting the death of notorious pro-abort Ruth Bader Ginsberg, giving her the benediction, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

The church describes itself as “a progressive, affirming, gospel-centered community of people driven by inclusion and social justice….We believe community is based on belonging, not beliefs.

While they are no longer pastors there, it doesn’t take much to see how badly they ran it into the ground.

In lieu of a sermon, Samantha Beach Kiley, one of the pastrixes there, invited her mother Nancy L. Beach to share and teach together. Beach is best known for becoming the first woman ordained as a teaching pastor at Bill Hybels’ multi-site megachurch Willow Creek. They spent their time reframing the Lord as a woman while saying stupid things like:

“When we observe the Sabbath, we are responding to the whisper of our mother god who longs to stroke our hair.”

For more of the sermon, see below:

h/t to Woke Preacher TV

6 thoughts on “‘Good, Good Mother?’ Woke Church Rewrites Song To make God a Chick

  1. One local church changed the hymn “Faith of our Fathers” to “Faith of our Mothers” to be woke. I had to look it up since that hymn doesn’t exist.

  2. I noted the additional apostasy. The man wearing a hat in church (1 Corinthians 11:4). Try wearing a hat in a courtroom.


  3. Oh, the hypocrisy! Isn’t it “insensitive” not to address God (He, Him) with His preferred pronouns? Doesn’t God “identify” as a male and a father? If WE fail to address a confused biological male or female by his or her preferred gender identity, we’re supposedly being “intolerant.” Isn’t that exactly what they are doing and offending God?

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