Op-Ed: Why the ‘Rehabilitation of the Woke Emperors’ Must be Rejected

Editor’s Note. This op-ed is a long Twitter thread from Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations, put into article form. Original thread here.

The “Rehabilitation of the Woke Emperors” continues with Mohler quietly withdrawing from TGC, shipping Matt Hall off to BIOLA (Riady-ahem), the disassembling of T4G etc.

And now Mohler, Duncan, Dever, DeYoung will seek to reintegrate themselves into orthodox evangelicalism.

This attempt will ensure that Mohler, Duncan, Dever, DeYoung (MDDD) will share the stage with men who have their bona fides in standing against the woke from 2019 to 2022. They will then seek to push out those that object to this disingenuous move. Once Mohler, Duncan, Dever and DeYoung are accepted back as “orthodox”, then the synthesis process will begin with a discussion of making sure that we “listen to others” with the intent to – through revised messaging -bring back the concepts of DEI, standpoint hermeneutics etc. Once previously “anti-woke” institutions accept this course of action, those that object to the inclusion of these men will be ushered out, using “entryism” techniques to create a formal counter-hegemony.

As the DHS disinformation agency begins to flex the muscles of the Federal Govt to govern what is “true” and “not true” legislation will be passed to ensure that those churches that do not change their teaching to the new, ecumenical approved doctrinal standards. Well, those racist, patriarchal, homophobic, hate-filled churches, mosques and temples will have their 501c3 status removed. Not long after the 501c3 removal will then come to the shutting down and imprisonment of those that continue to teach according to their conscious. 

And all of this incremental downgrade to ecumenical totalitarianism begins now: with previously anti-woke churches and ministries allowing the Marcusian Revolutionaries to come back to their previously lofty positions. And many in the church will celebrate their “tone” and civility and reject the “intolerance” of those of us that understand *exactly* what the *plan B* is of those that embraced Marxian gradualism in faith. 

And all of this is being done because”the Great Reset” will fail without the majority of major faiths buying into the ESG/DEI-based enviro-communo-fascistic systems. This was explained to me-in detail- in 2011. And instead of a full-on virtual defenestration of the woke out of evangelicalism, our conservative institutions will embrace them once again – and force the very few of us who began this battle in 2016 to mount up and go head to the theological/ideological battle. 

And when I refer to the “very few” in 2016 there were literally only 2 or 3 of us — others came when the movement became profitable.

But it will be time for a final stand: and we can’t let these duplicitous men back in our ranks again. But the formal, well-thought-through, “synthesis” counter-Christian hegemony will be formed – with whispers of CRT and soft-intersectionality. But the Overton window will continue in the dialectical process – until, eventually, Christianity will be unrecognizable. 

None of this information that I am providing is “prophetic” through some special revelation: it is what the radical neo-Marxists have done in *every organization* that they have absorbed in their “long march through the institutions.” And one of the most important “institutions” for the radical neo-Marxists to control was – without a doubt – religion. They must control both education and religion. Moms are fighting for education: Christians are willing to give the Marxists the Church. 

No longer do we have the Zwingli’s and Luther’s who would gladly give their lives for the Church: we have the winsome whisperers who want to be accepted within their denominational and doctrinal tribes — who will compromise. There will only be a few that will understand the epoch of time we find ourselves in today: they will stand. And when they stand, they may lose everything – literally everything.

But they will gain…

Christ. Truly Christ.

Not the antichrist of this age. 

4 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Why the ‘Rehabilitation of the Woke Emperors’ Must be Rejected

  1. The Bible clearly teaches BLM, CRT and LGBTQ++ legislation but doesn’t support abortion bans. Give me my NYC editorials

  2. Forgiveness requires repentance …

    “IF we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins … ” (1 John 1:9)
    “IF he [brother] repent, forgive him … ” (Luke 17:3)

    We can forgive without repentance, as Jesus did on the cross, but we often shouldn’t. This is a case where we shouldn’t. They are false prophets. Adding to, taking away from, or changing God’s Word is a grievous sin, especially where it causes or encourages others to sin. They should publicly repent, as they publicly misled. And should never be allowed back into any leadership positions.

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