Todd Bentley Says Crime Doesn’t Happen in His Neighborhood Because He’s Done THIS

Charismatic prophet Todd Bentley, the only huckster in the whole of Christianity that Dr. Michael Brown has ever bothered to condemn (and that only slightly), is up to no good again—the result of a string of angelic encounters and personal visions that has him explaining that crime and violence doe not happen where he lives, on account of the atmosphere he’s created.

We have written extensively about Todd, chronicling his malfeasance from lauded anointed revivalist and miracle worker, to drunkard, adulterer, liar, and sheep-fleecer extraordinaire, all the while being lifted up by a cadre of ne’er-do-wells as a great and supernaturally gifted man of God.

Bentley, you will recall, went relatively radio silent in 2019, a year after being newly accused of drug use, adultery, and sexting, some of which he admitted. A “New Apostolic Reformation” (NAR) tribunal report was launched and they found that Bentley was guilty—a pointless summation, as Bentley had already checked out and declared the whole thing a scam and witch hunt anyway.

Despite these findings, Bentley was able to maintain a high level of ministry support, with the revelation of decades of grossly immoral behavior being viewed as “just a scratch” to his reputation. This should surprise no one, however, as charismatics and NAR adherents historically have enjoyed infinitesimally low levels of discernment when it comes to the sinful behavior of their leaders, and this case has sadly proved to be no different.

In this case, he’s back on the circuit, speaking at Jacksonville’s Ablaze Conference on February 22, 2022, where you can see him for $60- a person for $90 per couple, explaining these curious principles and beliefs.

I don’t need to be a public famous influencer on the internet, social media, I want to be a ‘glory influencer’ And I want to show up in a place and because I’m standing in the line at Starbucks, the whole atmosphere is subject to what I’m carrying. I’m not subject to the atmosphere.

….That’s why I’ve been able to go into countries all over the world where they said, ‘Oh, this is the graveyard for preachers, we’ve had every preacher come in, no miracles are going to happen here’. And I said, ‘I’m not subject to whatever you’re under generationally, I’m operating from a higher place’.

So my expectation is when I show up in your city, I’m a co-laborer. I’m an ambassador. I’m important. I’m
royalty. I’m government. You don’t have to treat me that way, but the demons do.

I don’t expect it from people. That’s the problem we make, we try to lord it over the people. We want the people to treat us like we’re government and ambassadors and royalty, rather than the demons.

I couldn’t care less about what the people think, I’m more concerned about, because I’m here right now, this shenanigans can’t go on. I have things that have never happened in my neighborhood because I live there. Sure, I built my house and went outside and anointed my property because I said I have the authority because I own this. When you own something, you have authority, right? Sometimes when you rent something you’re a victim, but when you own it, so I went out and anointed my property because I knew this was mine.

..and I just wanted the devil to know (that) no matter how dark it gets out there, you can’t come into my neighbourhood. And I love that, but we need to start with our city block. You need to start going and kick all the demons off your street and don’t permit it in Jesus name. No violence, no thief, no gangs, no murder, no rape. If I live here, this whole block, we need to start working out that kingdom…”

Bonus Todd Bentley quote about who knows what the heck he’s talking about, from his FB page:

We must become more conscious of the indwelling Christ and the abiding Glory, so we can drop down into our inner man (Spirit) and experience this secret fortress, refuge, tabernacle and dwell with our king in his inner chambers where our secret history in God is made. Abiding in God, we find the true mountain and secret garden of the lord….

The Spirit of counsel brings the Spirit of might. As we receive the counsel of Heaven to synchronize Heaven and earth, we’ll see a demonstration and manifestation of the might of Heaven…

We are called to a spiritual union with him where we continuously soak, marinate and drink of his love. When we are united to the vine, the sap of divine love and glory, we will receive from the vine (Jesus) His glory flows through the branch and comes out in the fruit of love, for the nourishment and refreshment of others.

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