The Hypocrisy of Danny Akin and SBC Elites: ‘Public For Thee but Not for Me’

(This is a slightly edited and formatted version of a series of 25 Tweets made by @SBCUnderground, who is parts of the Servants and Heralds Network. The full string can be found here.

Hey y’all. Have you seen @DannyAkin@kswhitfield@SEBTS and/or their trustees? Remember Akin’s commitment to public transparency & urgency when sheltering sin is on the line?

The reality is SEBTS *has* been talking. Just not in a way Danny once thought was necessary. Read these tweets. They are in order. The important info is in the 3rd. Note the third tweet here. About SEBTS responding. It makes plain The Platform’s hypocrisy & it is galling, to put it mildly.

To make it obvious: “SEBTS leadership replied in a letter to the elders at FBC Lindale the night of their initial post.”

The tweets about Tom being an abuser?


The flogging of her husband that Jennifer said was worse than anything he’d ever done to her?


The leaking of the story to Bumgardner’s rag & its publication in fulfillment of the threats to Tom?


The scandal, once the Bucks made clear how they had been threatened & treated?


The names of @SEBTS faculty & leadership (with marriage ties to @sbctoday & through it @BaptistPress) who participated?


But the response from @SEBTS?


Membership has its privileges.

Are you disgusted? You should be. Look at the tweet above from Akin. “Do the right thing.”, “Let the facts be known and the truth, whatever it is, brought to light.” You know. For other people. Can’t expect that when it is Akin’s own house, can you”?

Here’s an obvious immediate response: “Well, they are probably handling it this way under the advice of their lawyers.” Tell that to a sane person who has paid attention the SBC in the last three years and you know how they’ll respond? (They’ll lose their minds.

Right now the only obvious conclusion is that every one on the “End Abuse Now! Waive Privilege!!” set is rank, high-handed, documentable hypocrisy. Some other alternative conclusion? Maybe available privately, but not publicly.

This attempted destruction of the Bucks for reporting a sexual abuser as defined by the convention over the last 2 years reveals the shamefulness of The Platform. Remember everyone involved @SEBTS@NAMB_SBC , @SBCvoices and, at a bit of a distance, @BaptistPress.

Tom spoke up about the inconvenient grooming and abuse of a young girl. Willy ignored that abuse and only listened to the deacon. The girl? Mere collateral. Remember the stories of horror you heard about the old guard regarding how they responded to abuse.

 We’ve spent millions to investigate. We gutted the @SBCExecComm in its name. We have new lawyers who funnel our money to Nashville’s Pride Celebration – all in the name of handling abuse appropriately.

What does the new good ol’ boy network do to you if you report abuse, but it is embarrassing for them? They try to destroy your marriage, your ministry, and your reputation. That’s the less of the attempted assassination of the Bucks.

Remember the horror of finding out Paige Patterson said he was going to “break down” an abuse victim? What else can you call what these monsters have done to Jennifer Buck than attempt to break her down? Here’s a simple truth: if you raise issues about mishandling abuse in good faith, you shouldn’t be defamed and blackmailed. Your wife shouldn’t be made to suffer, in public. Your ministry & church shouldn’t be threatened.

But that’s how the Greear / Litton / Moore / Akin / Rice Platform responds to abuse.

Full stop. In public. And in private.

These are the people spending @SBCCP missions donations. These are the people training seminarians. These are the people scolding dissidents from The Platform at the annual meeting. These are the people who know better than you. Who should tell you how things need to run. These people run things in back rooms you can’t access but demand their political enemies empty out their backrooms. They wanted you to follow J.D. Then Litton. Then Willy. Sure looks like now they want you to follow Barber.

Know what they don’t want at all costs? They are scared to death of Tom Ascol. Scared he’ll get in their way. Scared he’ll break up their fiefdom & slush fund & Membership Privileges.

This entire sordid class is why every effort must be made to #ChangeTheDirection.

Get. the. abusers. *out* – particularly the ones who do it in high-handed, blatant hypocrisy.

And please send this thread to everyone in SBC life you can get to read it. Southern Baptists deserve better.


Time to flush all the filth out & go in a new direction.

This is a slightly edited and formatted version of a series of 25 Tweets made by @SBCUnderground, who are parts of the Servants Herald Network. The full string can be found here.

3 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Danny Akin and SBC Elites: ‘Public For Thee but Not for Me’

  1. “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” – Jesus (Matt 6:14-15)

    1. If you don’t believe in redemption, then you are not a Christian – full stop – you don’t even know what it means to be a Christian.

      Quit this madness.

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