Ex-Hillsong Leader says Houston Knew of Dad’s Abuse in Early 90s

A young Brian Houston rocking out.

(NewsNation) — As the global megachurch Hillsong fights off criminal accusations against its former leader, a former high-ranking member of the organization says the church founder knew of his father’s sexual abuse allegations in the early 90s.

Hillsong — a massive organization with a presence in 30 countries — has come under fire in recent years with leader Brian Houston facing a criminal charge for allegedly concealing his father, church founder Frank Houston’s pedophilia. Brian Houston resigned from the church earlier this year after an internal investigation revealed details of his own inappropriate behavior with two women.

A Hillsong leader from the church’s early days, Geoff Bullock, spoke publicly for the first time to NewsNation about his 1995 departure from the church and its current turmoil. 

“The whole problem with fundamentalist Christianity is that you end up feeling like you have to protect the institution, and that comes with a growing sense of fear that if you don’t protect the institution, you are against the institution.”

Bullock says he started “The Hills Christian Life Center” along with Brian Houston in 1983 outside of Sydney, which later became Hillsong Church. He says he even named the church. Bullock oversaw the music and production of all services for more than a decade and many of the songs he wrote became global hits. When asked if the world was witnessing the beginning of the end of his former church, Bullock said:

“It’s certainly the beginning of huge change and what (Hillsong church leaders) face now is whether they continue to protect the institution and try to spin their way out of it or they’re brutally honest with themselves and really come clean.”

Neither Brian Houston nor Hillsong Church have responded to NewsNation’s requests for comment.


In August 2021, Brian Houston was charged by Sydney police with concealing child sex offenses allegedly committed by his father in the 70s. While he denies having any knowledge of abuse committed by his father before 1999, Bullock claims Brian Houston had known about it much before that.

Frank Houston’s alleged victim told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2006 that he was in training to be a pastor at the time of the abuse and claimed gay conversion counseling sessions with the elder Houston were “nothing more than sexual abuse.”

Bullock says Brian Houston told him about the allegations himself before Bullock left Hillsong in 1995.

“Frank [Brian Houston’s father] performed rituals with him to try and cure him of his homosexual leadings, this was deviant behavior. This story came out after 1999 when Brian said he first found out about his father’s behavior but unfortunately the story was known about in the early 90s by a few senior members of what was then the Assemblies of God. And I know that because I knew about it.”

And senior ministers, senior pastors in New South Wales knew about it as well. Now, can I tell you how hard that is to say, and it really does make me shake, but there you go. That’s the truth.”

So why speak up now, nearly three decades after leaving the church?

“It’s taken me only till recently to be able to speak up and speak clearly about my experiences without feeling like I’m doing something wrong. The more (the turmoil in the church) has progressed, the more I feel that I have a responsibility to speak. I lived through it and there are a multitude of hurting people that I think I have to start the story and hopefully that’ll give people courage to tell their story.”

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Editor’s note. This article was written by Rich McHugh and Posted at News Nation Now. Edited for formatting.

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  1. There is an interesting update to the Hillsong scandals and fallout from Houston’s resignation available on the secular news website named “the Guardian”.
    Title: Hillsong: scathing internal letter denounces church response to Brian Houston’s ‘unhealthy’ leadership

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