Levi Lusko Exegetes the Moon Landing?

In an appearance on TBN, Levi Lusko compared Jesus Christ to John F. Kennedy while promoting his book The Last Supper On the Moon.

In this asinine interview, Lusko dropped some serious truth bombs in his observation:

“And just like there were twelve manned Apollo missions. There’s twelve apostles. It took 3 days to get to the moon. 3 days of course, Jesus was in the grave.”

Any believer would certainly agree with his point about Christ. But leave it at that. Why are any of these moon metaphors necessary, other than to serve as an excuse to sell a book?

Lusko went on to elaborate:

“The one who had the dream was President John F Kennedy and he died before it was fulfilled. Similarly, Jesus Christ made this prediction, ‘tear this temple down and I’ll raise it up again.’”

Unfortunately, things lose meaning and significance when anything can be made a metaphor. Lusko’s explanation for these bizarre comparisons is the biggest red flag of the interview:

“So I’m using this as a metaphor because it stirs the heart. You cannot watch a rocket launch without feeling some emotion.”

Does the Gospel not stir enough emotion? How dull must his view of Scripture be if he needs to compare Jesus’ life to the moon landing in order to make things interesting and relatable? Is the Almighty not compelling enough? The fact that the Lord Jesus being the Son of God, was born of a virgin birth, lived a perfect righteous life, was crucified and bore the wrath of God the Father, and rose again from the grave three days later so that those who believe will be forgiven and have eternal life is unspeakably awe-inducing. To compare any aspect of Christ’s life to the moon landing is downright irreverent.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Brad Schoolfield for Protestia

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