‘Spirit Birthing’ a Demon. Is This The Wildest Charismatic Manifestation Ever? Stolen Babies, Midwife Angels, Golden Parachutes and Labor Noises

Charismatics are a different bunch, aren’t they? Here’s a video from a Battle for Canada Event where false prophet Art Lucier presided. Art previously issued formal prophecies in 2019 and in early 2020 revealing that because Jesus and his disciples caught 153 fish, there was a supernatural tie to Canada’s 153 birthday, which was to take place in the summer of 2020, and so these moments day would be preceded by a series of national gathering leading up to Canada day. Then the pandemic hit, and it was a crime in most of Canada to even go outside if not for work, or to sit on the grass for any reason, making Lucier definitely a false prophet.

No outlier, this mainstream revival meeting leans very heavy on… demonstrative birthing actions, with a disturbing amount of mixed metaphors on display. For context, the first woman up shares some visions the Lord gave her, interlaced with a bunch of fake gibberish tongues.

(There was a) birth, where there was a vacuum and it was because the baby needed help to come forth…God wants to pull on us. You want to bring forth an effective bride. Two weeks ago at Battle for Canada intercession, water broke in a birth process, but there’s been a war against the coming forth of that baby. And so God wants to bring the suction, the device that pulls and helps the mother to bring forth that which is to come, to tonight Lord.

Let’s collectively, together, pull on the spirit…We pull and make demand on the spirit. We pull, we pull on the spirit right now. Bring this body into alignment. Bring your suction God, pull us up to those higher places… the multiple babies. The multiple babies! The multiple babies! The multiple babies come forth! We make a demand tonight oh God. We make a demand. Come..come forth.”

Then ‘Colleen’ gets on stage and does likewise, acting like she’s in labor, leaving us unsure what exactly the baby is and whose suctioning it and vacuuming it out of the spiritual birth canal.

If you’re wondering what those people a the front are doing, at first they’re “pulling” the baby out of the spiritual womb, and later when they’re huddled underneath a golden parachute….er…we have no idea.

Abba Father… we repent. I repent where we wanted to keep this baby for ourselves. I repent where we have stolen the last baby Lord…We’ve kept the baby for our glory, and not for the glory of Jesus. Father forgive us where we’ve kept the glory for ourselves. The glory that is being born is yours…cleanse us of our flesh…take our flesh away… this baby will be born by the spirit of the fear of the lord.

Bring it in your fullness…the seven spirits of God, come into this house… Just as the mother in birth needs to breathe the contractions, Holy Spirit come and breathe into this room…Breathe life into the baby that’s overdue…Lord of angel armies, send forth your angels. Fill this birthing room, this delivery room. The midwife angel’s coming in. Promise overdue. Generations of promises overdue, bring them into Fullness for the delivery tonight.”

h/t to Brother John Elving, who provides commentary here and goes more in-depth.

Bonus. Later on Colleen recounts a vision she had and tells us about two demonic principalities and what their names are:

On the third day, we saw the revival well. Seated on the side were two demonic forces. On one side, the demon’s name was ‘Luke’ and on the other side its name was ‘Warm’. Each one had a thermometer in its hand and they held it over the well. They were completely satisfied when the church didn’t rise above their temperature of lukewarm. So we’d been pleading with the Lord to ignite a fire in the belly of the church.”

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  1. Demon worshipping “Christians” would be funny if not so sad…. Just know these type of people will want you dead one day for loving the true God of the Bible!

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