Christian YouTube Personality Doubles Down on Dissing Us Over JMac/Julie Roys Article

Yesterday we called out Ruslan KD and Julie Roys for an interaction they had regarding the new scandal that John MacArthur and Grace Community Church is involved in. Our intention was not to make any judgment on how the matter was handled one way another by the church, but rather to point out some sloppy and inaccurate reporting of facts that the two had in conversation, demonstrating they are playing a little fast and loose with the truth.

One of these episodes includes mischaracterizing the letter that one of the pastors wrote regarding the accused, and the other the claim made by Ruslan and Roys that Roys was the first journalist to cover the Ravi Zacharias scandals and break the news, despite us writing about it years earlier and breaking it way before she did.

Both of them would come to make the same claim; that Protestia/Pulpit & Pen aren’t ‘real journalists” and therefore ought to be roundly dismissed. That Ruslan even says this is very strange, given the stats we could speak to.

Protestia/Pulpit & Pen is more widely read than Julie Roys website and gets far more traffic. Our news stories have been featured in more big-name secular sources, Fox News, BBC, MSN, CNN, NYT, Washington Post to name a few, and have trended worldwide. We’ve published stories with millions of views and tens of thousands of shares, and have done our fair share of investigative work and story breaking. This is being done all the while having channels and pages getting deleted and our sites being targets for crippling throttling of page views and visibility from social media giants, given all the strikes weโ€™ve gotten for daring to discuss LGBTQ issues.

But even if we didn’t, the media is changing. The Big Three broadcasters don’t have a monopoly anymore, but rather citizen journalists are rising up, creating content on social media, doing investigative reporting, and engaging in guerilla journalism. We’re not elitists like Roys and Ruslan, who are acting as gatekeepers to a private club where only Formally Educated Journalists can be trusted to join and participate. Give us an amateur with a camera and a Twitter feed any day. This is new media.

Here Ruslan really drops the ball:

For all her troubles and as respectful as she was being, he blocked her. It’s a sad state of affairs. We’re not mad at Ruslan, just really, really disappointed.

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7 thoughts on “Christian YouTube Personality Doubles Down on Dissing Us Over JMac/Julie Roys Article

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  1. Ah boy, the old appeal to authority. Arrogant elitist attitude, self advancement, fallacious arguments. If she didn’t learn that fallacious arguments like “Because I have a masters degree” do not constitute good journalism, then her degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

    MacArthur is a Pastor, with more credentials, and a much longer and more impressive work history. Therefore, by their own “standards” Ruslan and Roy would have rotten motives.

    I don’t know anything about the situation at GCC, or the issue at hand. But for crying out loud, if you’re going to claim to be a Christian, at least try to act like it. Enough with the childishness, and juvenile self advancement. Stupid arguing over semantics. Is this a search for the facts, or is it an episode of Days of Our Lives? If you weren’t the first to report it, then you weren’t the first to report it. Grow up, admit that fact and move on. If you make serious accusations, then you are going to be questioned. Your claims will be questioned. Your credibility will be questioned. Your claims will be dissected and picked apart. And that’s the way it is, and should be. If you can’t deal with that reality, then you’re in the wrong line of work. If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out.

    Hat’s off to Ms. Chikuni. She deserves a medal for patience. Perfectly handled.

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