Op-Ed: Now TGC and #BigEva Want to Talk…

In the past few days, articles at TGC have been written lamenting the hostility of discourse between the animal known as “#BigEva” and those throwing rocks at them. The articles, by Trevin Wax and now a couple by Justin Taylor, with this one here, and then acting as a mouthpiece for Eric Erikson who laments in An Earnest Plea to Slow the Evangelical Twitter Wars and to Drop the Tribal Performance Art that can’t the regular folk just have some grace and stop attacking evangelical leaders?

Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations had this to say about it in a series of Tweets, and it bears repeating:

“After nearly 14 years of progressive dialectical deconstruction of the wider-Christian Reformed Faith and broader evangelicalism, @TGC now throws out a passive-aggressive insult to begin a season of discourse on their terms. In other words, dishonest one-sided debate. 

Beginning in 2013 and extending until 2016, I had tried to personally dialogue with members of the in regards to their intentional operational preparation of the environment – gradualistically introducing standpoint epistemology, CRT and anti-nationalistic language. 

I had full knowledge of where all of this was heading – and why it was heading in this direction. During this time, it was Ed Stetzer who played the Pied Piper of deconstruction and transmutation of the Christian faith. And sadly, many men that I had respected followed his lead. 

Tim Keller and DA Carson paved the way to this Neo-Marxist, postmodern vision for Christianity as well – with many =ministries basically resigning to the nonsensical notion that a “big sort” or “great reset” was inevitable in the next ten years – and there was nothing to stop it. 

But this movement continued on, with the simulacrum of Reformed Evangelicalism being created next to the authentic – until the simulacrum bore no resemblance to the authentic, confessional, Christian faith. 

And as this continued, the “new” Reformed Evangelical faith ecumenically merged with all other forms of faith, education, politics, and corporate interests to push the radically subjective principles of Marcuse instead of Paul, Marx instead of Peter, and Foucault instead of John. 

And within just a few years, what also accompanied their now normative CRT-laced dialogue would be anti-nationalist rhetoric that consequentially had only one goal: supranationalism. Globalism. Rigid and passionate patriotism for new enviro-communo-fascist state they knew was coming And what would be the final triggers to burn the bridge from “what was” previously sovereign nations into this new-ish world order?

It was what I had heard in 2009:

1. Identity Politics
2. Public Health Identity politics to divide, fracture, and diffuse unity in our nation and in western civilization. Create the Hobbesian battleground.

Public health to create an initial end-around of the constitution and infuse public health policy that would usher in radical subjectivity. And of course, the men at the center of this move to deconstruct Christianity were aware that this was the strategy. For goodness sakes, *I* knew that this was the strategy – and so did thousands of men and women in broader evangelicalism. So now the side that has attempted to deceive the Body of Christ and fracture our nation is accusing us of “tribalism?”

I’m sorry, but you created this mess of constant division, fueled it with your deceitfulness and deception and now you want to engage in discourse? Discourse we can have – I have always been about fair and equal debate.

But the problem is that we know that synthesis will once again be your goal, and our doctrinal positions should not be infused with your repressive tolerance and Neo-Marxism. So after years of “how dare you accuse a Brother” and “you don’t even understand what critical theory is” we now have the other shoe dropping:

Yes, as I said years ago, the men at the center of this deception knew that 2020 and the use of “public health” was coming. And now @TGC and others will attempt a “limited hangout” of some information but will not come fully clean in regards to their intentions.

They also won’t state who has been funding all of this mess: some names that you would expect but other names that will surprise you. But the most disturbing element for the average Christian who has had to endure CRT-infused sermons over the past 10 years in his church will be that this all leads back to @wef – and even further back to strategies that have been in the works for decades. But this should not “shake” the person who truly believes the Gospel.

When all is said and done, the importance of being a Berean will be solidified.

It will be the weak, useless institutions that need to have a reckoning.

We have some spring cleaning to do…”

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