SBC Video Explains that Pastors With Southern Accents Sound Dumb, Should Lose it for ‘Sake of the Gospel’

The Southern Baptist Convention’s church-planting network, the North American Mission Board (NAMB), continues to demonstrate that they’ve lost the plot and are spinning their wheels with pagan machinations of men. As part of their ‘Church Planters Masterclass’, they released a video on the New Churches Website, which is a part of the SEND network, featuring an Asian church-planting instructor saying that southern Pastors with accents should lose them, so that they can lead more people to Christ.

This is while an overlay explains that people with southern accents are “assumed less intelligent than their northern accented peers.” We wonder what would happen if this was reversed? A chyron noting that “ethnic minority church planters with accents are assumed to be less intelligent than their white peers” with someone explaining that if ethnic Christians want to reach native speakers for Christ, they need to take lessons to dispense of their accents.

Note, this is exactly the kind of “gotcha” clip that The Gospel Coalition does NOT want us sharing,.

The instructor, Kenji Adachi, explains:

Hey Church planners, I want to talk about contextualization. So, you know, Paul communicates his philosophy of ministry in First Corinthians chapter nine. And he says that he becomes ‘all things to all people that he might save some.’ And he says that he does it all for the sake of the gospel.

See, Paul is God’s ultimate cross-cultural missionary church planter, and he best engages his culture. And so when I think about someone that I met, I was in Boston once, and this planter, I asked him where he’s from. He said he was from South Carolina, and I was stunned. I said, ‘Did you grew up there?’ I was stunned because he didn’t have an accent. I said ‘what happened to your southern accent?’ because I’m a North Carolinian. And he says this ‘I got a voice coach when I first moved here, and to get rid of my southern accent’.

And you talk about someone being all things to all people so that he can reach people for Christ. This is so critical as we think about who we’re trying to reach. Instead of just thinking about who we are. We need both. We need to understand the culture around us.

If a man is not saved because the person preaching to him and sharing the gospel has a southern accent, rather than a northern accent, God did not intend to save that person. Full stop. Rather than believe that God might providentally use one’s accent as a door and as a gift to reach some, the instructors at NAMB are teaching that it is necessarily a hindrance to the gospel, and must be neutralized.

That’s the state of SBC church planting networks for you.

h/t to Reformation Charlotte

7 thoughts on “SBC Video Explains that Pastors With Southern Accents Sound Dumb, Should Lose it for ‘Sake of the Gospel’

  1. Forget about biblical discernment, these blind guides continue to lower the bar on basic intelligence.

  2. In comparison to God Almighty, we’re all infinitely stupid. And the money wasted on this infinitely stupid video would’ve been better spent feeding the poor.

    1. Here’s a study for them:

      Show a picture of the guy in Boston with his northern accent.
      Show a picture of Billy Graham with his southern accent.

      Ask them which they recognize.

    1. Praise God. He doesn’t show favorites – if God can use an idiot like me to reach out to sinners, He can use anyone 🙂

  3. Hello all, I am a Christian and I enjoy calling people profane names like “dumbass.” That is all.

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