Pope Declares ‘Fake News’ On Jabs Is A Human Rights Violation

Pope Francis has been awful on issues surrounding the novel coronavirus. When he’s not busy affirming the faith of Joe Biden and saying he would never refuse him communion, releasing his most outrageously blasphemous statement, and endorsing civil unions for gay couples, he’s been instituting “vaccine” “passports” at Vatican City, asking Big Tech to censor “conspiracy theories,” and hating on anti-maskers and those urging caution at taking the COVID vaccine.

It’s no surprise then that the emblem and servant of the Antichrist has met with the  International Consortium of Catholic Media on COVID-19 Vaccines (aka catholicfactchecking.com) and gave the fact-checking organization his seal of approval.

The group, which is funded in part by Google, George Soros, and Bill Gates and is the frequent target of attack by conservative Catholic organizations like LifeSite News and Church Militant, received a vigorous defense from the corrupt Pontiff, who denounced “fake news” about COVID and the vaccine, saying that those engaging in misinformation are promulgating a “distortion of reality based on fear” [Editor’s note: Apparently the Irony is strong with this one…], and that being free from vaccine misinformation and fake news is a “human right.” [Ummmmm… -Ed.]

We can hardly fail to see that these days, in addition to the pandemic, an ‘infodemic’ is spreading: a distortion of reality based on fear, which in our global society leads to an explosion of commentary on falsified if not invented news..to be properly informed, to be helped to understand situations based on scientific data and not fake news, is a human right.

…Correct information must be ensured above all to those who are less equipped, to the weakest and to those who are most vulnerable. [Editors note: Question: Who gets to decide what information is correct? And who is busy redefining words to make sure it’s as confusing as all get-out?]

Francis has previously explained that Roman Catholics have an obligation to take the Covid vaccine, even if it is derived from fetal cells, chastising anyone unwilling to take the shot as living in “suicidal denial.”

I believe that ethically everyone must take the vaccine. It is not an option; it is an ethical action, because you are playing with your health, you are playing with your life, but you are also playing with the lives of others. I’ve signed up. One must do it…

I don’t understand why some say, ‘No, vaccines are dangerous.’ If it is presented by doctors as a thing that can go well, that has no special dangers, why not take it? There is a suicidal denial that I wouldn’t know how to explain. [Editor’s note: Hey Frankie! About those “special dangers” you mentioned…ask the CDC about those…]

3 thoughts on “Pope Declares ‘Fake News’ On Jabs Is A Human Rights Violation

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  3. Well, in that case they’re going to have to go back and censor all my math teachers, from the 2nd grade on, for misinforming me. If the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths increase as the number of “vaccinations” increase, it means the drug does not slow or stop the spread, and therefore the statement “you are also playing with the lives of others” is itself misinformation, a complete and total lie. I don’t need any “fake news” to supposedly “misinform” me, just the raw numbers are enough.

    The “scientists” have been wrong about just about everything, including the initial claim that the drug was 90% effective in stopping the spread. And we are now finding out, thanks to FOIA requests, that the FDA knew the dangers and lack of effectiveness very early on, suppressed that information.

    I don’t necessarily completely disagree with the sentiment that people have a right to all factual information pertaining to benefits and risks, in order to be equipped to make the best decision for themselves and those in their care, particularly if they’re being forced/coerced/pressured into taking a drug. The problem here is that it’s not the “anti-vaxers” who are suppressing information. It’s big pharma, the government, mainstream media, and irresponsible people like the dude in the white robe who claims to be taking Jesus’ place.

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