Apple Ads ‘Pregnant Man’ to List of New Emojis for iPhones

In another sign that we dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips whose consciences are absolutely and unequivocally seared, Apple has released a series of Emojis as part of their new iPhone Beta software update, and it features a ‘pregnant transgender man’, ie a woman, as one of its novel additions.

Emojipedia, part of the Unicode Consortium, states that “pregnancy is possible for some┬átransgender┬ámen and non-binary people.” Their existence was introduced in September of 2021, but Apple adapted them to their own design.

Though this insanity is inexorably moving forward until it is saturated in our society, as Christians, we resist.

3 thoughts on “Apple Ads ‘Pregnant Man’ to List of New Emojis for iPhones

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