Greg Locke Says Children with Autism, OCD are Almost Certainly Demon-Possessed

Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, TN has taken a somewhat unique position on illnesses like autism and OCD, claiming during his January 23rd, 2022 sermon that these sorts of conditions are almost certainly caused by demonic possession.

He tells his congregants:

Don’t get mad at me, I’m talking. We say things like this ‘well I just got OCD.’ You know why you do things that are out of the ordinary over and over and over and it ticks you off if it’s not done? Because you have a spirit of oppression, that’s why. You ain’t got OCD.

I know a chick that used to wash her hands every five minutes all day long when she was awake until she literally washed skin off of her hands. Saved. Loved God. Baptized. Read the Bible. Went to church. Fasted. Prayed. You going to tell me that’s natural? That’s supernatural oppression is what that is, and she needs deliverance. And a lot of times what we call stuff, it makes us feel better because it’s the medical term, not the Bible term.

Look, I’m telling you, this is real. We’ve been all over this. Look, Do not, do not jump up right now and rebuke me for I’m about to say.

On three occasions… kids were brought to Jesus. Not of their own will, of their own volition, but by their parents, that had epileptic fits. Anger issues. Outbursts of emotion. And because we’ve called it ‘possession’, parents refuse to deal with it.

‘Are you telling me my kids possessed?’ No, I’m telling you, your kid could be demonized and attacked, but your doctor calls it autism.

I don’t care if you stand or not. I don’t care if you leave or not. I’m telling you, there’s deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ for your children and their children’s children! There’s deliverance in that. Ain’t no such diagnosis in the Bible (as autism) Jesus cast out that oppressing spirit. ‘And the child was made whole that very hour’, the Bible said, ‘that very hour’ That’s what the Bible says.

Now just figured all this stuff out. So don’t quote me on everything that I’m saying. I’m just saying quote me on everything I’m saying. There’s a lot in the Bible about spiritual oppression that we just overlook because it’s uncomfortable.”

7 thoughts on “Greg Locke Says Children with Autism, OCD are Almost Certainly Demon-Possessed

  1. While any Bible scholer could make a case for Locke’s point, the Bible never stipulates that EVERY individual suffering from these things were afflicted by Satan – and that’s Locke’s failing.

  2. I don’t know who Greg Locke is, but he sounds pretty unsavory based on the lead-in. However, he said nothing in the excerpt quoted that would not be understood and agreed with by many responsible people engaged in scriptural deliverance ministry – a ministry largely causative of the great growth of the church in the first 3-4 centuries, and which Jesus Himself modeled for His followers. The fact that the ministry has been abused by certain hucksters today is irrelevant to the issue whether the ministry itself is scriptural.

    1. But Scripture never makes the statement that ALL individuals suffering from these afflictions are being oppressed/possessed by the enemy. By Locke essentially claiming they are, he is guilty of eisegesis.

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