TGC Senior Editor’s Favorite TV Show Contains Graphic Homosexual Sex Scene

A couple of days ago Brett McCracken, the pastor of Southlands Brea Church and Senior Editor and Director of Communications at The Gospel Coalition released his best and favorite films of 2021 list. While there were some benign films that were relatively clean, his top 20 featured a whole bunch that were rated ‘R”, for language, violence, and frequently for scenes of sex and nudity.

Now, McCracken has blessed us with his list of favorite TV shows, and one caught our eye. Right after mentioning ‘The Chosen,’ the miniseries about the life of Jesus, he listed The White Lotus, which is a program on HBO that is Rated TV-M. The show is the functional equivalent to-rated ‘R’ and is deemed unsuitable for those under the age of 17.

The rating makes sense, as the 6-episode show contains tons of filthy language, sex jokes, sex scenes, copious amounts of male nudity, and some female nudity as well. Here is an overview from Commonsense Media:

In fact, and this is what is especially revolting, (warning, graphic description ahead) at one point there is a graphic sex scene featuring two fully nude men, and one has his face in the back-end of the other, doing very homosexual things to his anus with his mouth.)

We’ve been able to pinpoint this scene to near the middle, which means even after he watched it, he kept on watching more episodes, understanding that he very well may see more of this content in the rest of the season.

We wonder if he watched this tv show before or after he watched The Chosen. Are they on the same night? Did he watch them back to back with a clear conscience?

Tell us, pastor. We’d love to know.


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6 thoughts on “TGC Senior Editor’s Favorite TV Show Contains Graphic Homosexual Sex Scene

  1. Just reading this article now, at 10:55am (Mountain Time) on 31 December 2021. I assume your article came out earlier today, and McCracken must have already seen it because he has removed “White Lotus” from list and replaced with “Only Murders in the Building.” But the original list is still available via the trusty Wayback machine. I’m glad he removed his favorite homosexual porn show, but I don’t see any apology from him for including it in the first place, so I can only conclude he is not repentant about it; and, of course, removing it doesn’t excuse all the rest of the filth he has on his lists.

  2. I need to revise my previous comment. McCraken did not replace “White Lotus” with “Only Murders in the Building,” as this was on the original list. What he did was to remove “White Lotus,” then rearrange the remaining entries, and then add “Welcome to Earth” at the end of his list. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

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