Op-Ed: Youth Group, the Great Commission, and Why Many Youth Pastors Can’t Care for Kittens

There are 31,309 youth pastors in America. There are only 6,185 unreached people groups.

If we sent all American youth pastors to the foreign mission field we would fulfill a two-thousand year-old Great Commission in mere *weeks.*

Instead, we pay educated and ordained ministers missionary-level salaries to play laser tag and organize pizza parties.

Youth pastors are for orphanages. For everyone else, God provided something called “parents.”

Granted, the Senitelise Tribe may be freaked out by laser tag.

Ask these questions:

* Why must youth learn separately from their parents?
* Where is ‘youth pastor’ (or the concept) eluded to in Scripture?
* How does age segregation *hurt* rather than *help* your church?
* Is the type of activity that attracts lost youth worth the dumbing-down of saved youth?
* Are parents unable to disciple their own kids? Why? Is it possible it’s because THEY went to youth group, starting them down the wrong path of what constitutes an actual religious education?
* It creates MUCH smoke in church. Answer honestly: Does it produce much fire?
* If children of church families won’t go unless there’s youth group, is it not a sign the child is unconverted or the parent not parenting?
* Is it possible that the Seeker-Friendly model of crap-church (Furtick, Lusko, Huschka, Nobel, etc) is little more than “youth group for adults?”Is this the source of the entertainment-driven church?
* Is entertainment-driven youth and college ministry the genesis of so many entertainment garbage-churches today?
* Is it possible that youth ministry keeps kids immature, instead of turning them into adults?
* Is it possible that youth ministry is the reason 80% of kids 18+ leave the church, as soon as the youth group carnival ride is over?

A man feeling called to ministry should not be told “babysit our kids” but “Go to Nambia, there is a tribe that has not heard there yet.”

Downside: Without youth group, there’s not a place for kids to “hook up” behind their parents’ back. So there’s that drawback.

Lastly, I should note, (as you are aware) many youth pastors aren’t qualified to care for cats, let alone be pastors in America or missionaries overseas. I pray you see past my hyperbole to the point.

Editor’s Note. Taken From JD Hall’s Facebook page

17 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Youth Group, the Great Commission, and Why Many Youth Pastors Can’t Care for Kittens

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  2. I will agree with article about youth pastors. I have worked with several over the past 30+ years. Each and everyone were incredibly immature spiritually and emotionally to even care for cats especially the last one I worked with. There was no spiritual depth to anything they did. He even ended up suing the church for workman’s comp after he hurt himself during a pick up ball game when he (a 200+ pound guy) decided to slide into home plate. SO much of the after effects of what these young ministers have wrought beginning 30 years ago when the position became popular because pastors became more focused on “nickels and noses” we can see today. You think they are bad in our country now? They are only going to get worse. We have more and more children whose parents have ignored church to worship at the sports altar 24/7.

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  5. 1. Teenagers like being in a different space than their parents. That’s normal adolescent development. Fine. That’s what age segregated *Sunday School* accomplishes. Parties, lock-ins, etc are fine occasionally but certainly do not require a separate over-vaunted “ministry” that wastes valuable young adult learning years and the labor of someone who once thought they wanted to be a pastor; and the wasting of church financial resources.
    2. nowhere. A lot of folks who care deeply that the Bible doesn’t say “female pastor” don’t care at all that the Bible also doesn’t say “youth pastor,” “senior pastor,” “senior adult pastor,” “children’s pastor,” “missions pastor,” etc. In truth these offices are just *deacons,* a type of servants, paid servants in this case, with the possible exception of the senior pastor who’s really just an elder (presbyteros) who preaches on Sunday mornings. That is, if you want to use the New Testament church as a model. Most American evangelical churches use a business corporation model with a preacher CEO and slew of assistant managers.
    3. For more on this see YouTube- Lutheran Satire “Mr Thompson and the Vicar invent Children’s church.” (Lutheran Satire is one of the best channels on YouTube)
    4. No
    5. Maybe
    6. No
    7. Maybe
    8. Much more than possible. It’s the reason these churches even exist.
    9. Yes! A thousand times over.
    10. Yes
    11. Probably

    Good job Staff Writer. I’ve squawked about the perils of youth ministries. It’s not a completely bad idea on the surface, but so many are deceptions with a primary focus on the suburban church providing “clean fun” for families, very little training in righteousness.

  6. The last 501c3 church I went to had a Senior Pastor, 2 Associate Pastors, Childrens Pastor, Youth Pastor, Music Pastor, Womens Ministry Pastor, Associate Womans Ministry Pastor, Counseling Pastor, Office Manager, and a large tribe of office assistants etc. The church was doctrinally correct or so they thought, but spiritually dead. Is it any wonder young people leave at age 18?

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  8. Years ago I attended a business meeting where the church was interviewing a youth pastor candidate, people asked about music choices, R rated movies, and other irrelevant questions, Seeing this I questioned him about his theology, what do you believe about scripture, who is God, describe the Trinity, how are we saved, what about the return of Christ and so on, His answers were vague and I had to press him on all of them.
    The people at the church were livid and one woman summarized their feelings “Why are asking about theology we want him here to watch the kids”

  9. While I agree with most of these points, the alternative to not having an active youth ministry is not connecting to many of these kids. We all know that stodgy, traditional wake-like adult worship services bore most teens (and adults) to tears – are you suggesting we cast those who want no part of them aside?
    The mindset that ‘if it takes entertainment to bring adults and children in to hear the Gospel, they aren’t worth saving’ (and that’s basically your message) is idiotic. For better or worse (worse), modern first-world individuals have been re-wired by their enviroment – they are jaded and have short attention spans. You do what you have to do to expose them to the Gospel, then most importantly, transition them into biblically literate servants of the Lord. Unfortunately, this is the most challenging part and where many churches fail miserably.

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