Don’t Forget: The Salvation Army is Pro-Choice

Despite being in the news recently for their recent anti-racism guide that is rife with critical race theory ideologies and which has resulted in them hemorrhaging money and funding, there is a larger reason why Christians ought not to support the Salvation Army: the Salvation Army is a pro-choice organization.

It is the height of hypocrisy. Publicly they claim to be pro-life, and because Christians make up a big part of their volunteer base one might be tempted to suppose that they must be against abortion in every form. But this is not the case at all.

In the Salvation Army’s Position Statements, we read that they allow for/ support rape if ‘reliable diagnostic procedures’ determine the child is *likely* not going to survive for very long after birth, or in cases of rape and incest.

This thought is reiterated by Dr. Aimee Patterson, a ‘Christian’ Ethics Consultant at The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, who writes in The Salvationist that Prochoice vs Prolife debates tend to…

portray women either as liberated heroes of reproductive rights or wicked witches out to destroy anything that gets in their way. Both are metaphors of power. It is rare that this debate turns us toward women who consider abortion from a place of vulnerability. Some are pressured by their sexual partner, whether a boyfriend or a spouse. Others are financially insecure or unable to care for a child on their own. Still others fear they will be shamed and shunned by their family or social community. In many cases, the motivating factors behind abortion are multiple, interconnected and complex.

None of this means that abortion is morally good or even morally neutral. The intention behind abortion is not merely to end a pregnancy but to end a life. Even when abortion is morally permissible—for instance, when conception is the result of rape—it doesn’t tie things up neatly. It is a tragic act.

No one ought to support the Salvation Army. There are better organizations to give to, ones that don’t compromise on basic Christian beliefs. More specifically, if you desire to give, give sacrificially to your local church, who ought to be engaged in works of mercy for those who need them.


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9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: The Salvation Army is Pro-Choice

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  2. The Salvation Army is a church. Further, it is not a church with whom I would share communion, based on their doctrine. Why would I give money to a church with whom I do not share communion?

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