Big Eva Silent on Rittenhouse Verdict

(Evangelical Dark Web) Quick to slander and slow to apologize has certainly characterized the response of The Gospel Coalition to the Rittenhouse verdict. Yet the same could not be said of Big Eva with regards to the Derek Chauvin verdict and will likely not be said of the imminent verdict relating to the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

Whether this is because now is not the best time to express anti-White sentiment or whether because they cannot articulate a coherent rebuttal to the verdict, the major Big Eva publications including: The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, Mere Orthodoxy, SBC Voices, ERLC, Church Leaders, 9 Marks, Relevant Magazine, and Charisma Magazine are all reticent on the issue.  This is despite the fact that Evangelical Dark Web has been consistently reporting on the cultural impact of this case from day one.

The best answer is that even ministries that share an audience with Evangelicals Dark Web have not really touched on this issue. But on YouTube, the silence is not the case. Christian Post only published a news article about the verdict as expected for a major event.

Even on Twitter, one is hard-pressed to find a Big Eva response. The condemnations of the verdict seem to exclusively come from super woke Black pastors and whatever Kyle J. Howard so happens to…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Ray Fava and published at Evangelical Dark Web.


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10 thoughts on “Big Eva Silent on Rittenhouse Verdict

  1. The heretical woke church has no interest in truth or facts, just worldly virtue-signaling. The ancient Pharisees have got nothing on these people.

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  5. They may be silent, but the Hollywood nut-cases sure aren’t! Did you see Padro Pascal’s Twitter, saying that the two justifiably shot by Rittenhouse, were murdered? He posted a ‘rest in peace’ on his Twitter, and people are ripping him apart over it – I fully expect him to take it down soon, but he may not take it down; he has shown before that his political beliefs can only be described as horrible at best. I’m not surprised to see these Holly-Weird types to be crying and screaming in impotent rage over Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty, even though the facts and videos proved that Kyle absolutely acted in self-defense. Maybe a 17 year old boy shouldn’t have been armed with an AR-15 (I dunno the gun laws where the shootings took place), but the judge himself tossed out the weapons charge.

    Now I believe that Jesus can and will forgive anyone no matter how heinous their crimes are, even a pedophile like the one guy, Jojo, who did thinks to little boys that I do not want to describe here, and I want to live in a world where people like Jojo turn from their sins and turn to Jesus Christ! Can I get an ‘amen’?

    But Jojo didn’t repent of his sins, at least not that anyone knows of, and while he should not have been free in the first place his attending the Antifa “fiery but mostly peaceful” protest shows that he had not turned to Christ. If he had he wouldn’t have been there with the rest of the Antifa satanists, and he wouldn’t have attacked Kyle.

    People can make the point that Kyle should not have been there; that’s not a point that I agree with but it’s not a point that I can entirely disagree with – I’m sure that, if he could turn back time, Rittenhouse would force himself to just stay home. But he was there, right or wrong, and he was attacked – the videos prove that conclusively.

    When the third guy, the one who was shot in the arm, testified in court that he pointed his firearm at Kyle FIRST, that was it – the case was over. The prosecutor face-palming showed that he knew it was over, too.

    I have no doubt that the jury spent no more than perhaps an hour deciding Kyle’s guilt or innocence when they began deliberations. They knew that they could not just walk back out and announce their decision because of how the Antifa-fascists would behave, so they spent a few days pretending to deliberate so they could, anonymously of course, tell the nation that they spent a goodly amount of time discussing the case and weighing all of the evidence before reaching their verdict.

    All three of the young men shot had serious criminal records before that day; I believe all three were felons convicted of violent, horrific crimes, but at least two were for sure. But I’m not the least bit happy that they’re dead – I’m heartbroken by it. That’s two more people that are going to spend all of eternity in the Lake of Fire, where the Lord God Himself will pour out His righteous anger upon them forever and ever without end. And they didn’t have to be; they didn’t have to face eternity as lost and damned souls.

    Are we doing enough to spread the Gospel to people? Are we really trying to share Jesus with people in evil groups like Antifa, BLM, the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Black Panthers, and other hate-groups? Have you?

    I know that I haven’t, and I need to do better with witnessing to these lost people before they step into eternity to face the wrath of the Lord God – we need to help them take that step into eternity with the Lord God smiling upon seeing them and saying “Well done, My good and faithful servant!”. We owe it to Him, whom we can NEVER repay or even come 1/100,000,000,000th to doing as much for Him as He has done for us.

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